The most gorgeous girl that can ever exist. She is super sexy and very nice to hang around with. She has brown eyes and brown hair. Once you stare at her it will brighten up your day and you'll never think of anything else besides her. Marly's can be very sweet and kind. If you ever see a Marly in your life, never let go of her. She will ALWAYS be your dream girl. Best of all, she's extremely cute ;)
Person 1: Did you talk to Marly today?
Person 2: Yeah every time I talk to her though, she always makes me happy
Person 1: I know she is super cute and sweet
Person:2 Yup that's Marly right there ;)
by [ E SAVAGE ] September 19, 2018
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Marly is a beautiful girl who is shy at first but, once you get close to her you'll see the fun side of her. Marly is gorgeous and she has a beautiful heart. She might seem like a girl who lets everyone get to her, but she ends up becoming very confident and brave. Marly's make mistakes but learn from them. Marly attracts so many hearts that it's hard to keep them away. Marly is someone I would love to be. Marly is perfect.
by Jaylana October 7, 2013
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a beautiful girl inside and out, but doesn’t think so herself. very modest and always cares about others and puts them before herself. Marly has gone through so much in her life but she makes it through.
Marly is an amazing girl that has the most hypnotizing eyes that you could stare into for hours. every second with her is so much fun and lovable.
If you are dating a Marly you should never leave or let her go. You are so lucky.
by whyyoudothat April 11, 2019
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they are peng tings with brains. they always be lifting everyones mood. all the guys wanna chat to them but they normally going out with a prick and they too goddam loyal. they normally roll through with peng friends so its hard to get them on their ones. they know how to party hard.
guy 1: yo whos that girl i swear i seen her before
guy 2: YhYh thats that girl from instagram.she looks better upfront ngl
guy1: oi thats marly
guy2: oh yeahh
by mhuncho July 9, 2019
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stripper,Hoe <sugar mamma,likes to be on top and likes to be called papi and if asked she always says yes for a lap-dance.
Marly is my daughter and im proud.
by suckmydick2020 March 21, 2017
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One of the sweetest and funniest girls you'll ever meet in your life. Always smiling and will do anything to make the one she loves happy. She never feels pretty but is one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever lay your eyes on.
Marlie is so kind. She's an angel!
by Mistress Skye Glee January 31, 2015
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Love... a name for true love. The Literal meaning of the name is water lily, Mar- (water) Lys (lily). Marlys is a proper noun given by gypsy to a mother to be who longed for a girl child and who's love for the man who was the father was so great and so strong she needed a name to define it. A gypsy spoke of a love so pure and sensitive and spelled out MARLYS... If you name your child Marlys she will be extremely loving and caring and overly sensitive to her emotions. If you marry or date a girl name Marlys you should attend to her emotions first and foremost. Money, diamonds and fame will never mean more to her than will your undying love, a consistent flow of affection and attention to the details will mean. With a daily dose of TLC, she will LOVE you forever and complete YOU!
Marlys is like a box of chocolates... so full of flavor, diversity and pure enjoyment.
by Slymheart November 29, 2010
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