One of the sweetest and funniest girls you'll ever meet in your life. Always smiling and will do anything to make the one she loves happy. She never feels pretty but is one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever lay your eyes on.
Marlie is so kind. She's an angel!
by Mistress Skye Glee January 31, 2015
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Marlie is suck a nice funny girl. She has a different but funny humour. She is so nice to everyone but is a little shy. She doesn't like a lot of attention but likes to be noticed. She takes her friendships and relationships seriously can be very loving and romantic with the one she loves. She is beautiful but doesn't know if think she is but believe me... She is. She is a great person and has a great personality.
I saw her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and asked her named and she said "Marlie" she knows how to have a great time
by DogLover2505 April 21, 2018
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Is a wild thing, dosent care what people thinks.
is very talkative and is a club junkie
by nhhdghbjg March 26, 2010
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A cute/sexy girl who loves to party. Great kisser and dreams of her prince charming. Doesn't believe in cheesy and sappy things. She likes things simple. Mostly of a hispanic origin. Loves to party and is very sexy. Nice butt & amazing personality. Sometimes a bit ghetto. She is very wild & fun. She also makes a good friend. She's a good dancer and loves to go clubbing.
Let's invite Marlie! She loves parties!
by sophieex3 May 2, 2011
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Marlie is an amazing friend. He is incredibly loyal and knows just how to cheer you up when your having a shitty day. He will stand up for you no matter what and is down for pretty much anything. Get yourself a Marlie.
Person1: Omg! Who's that amazing person!?
Person 2: that's Marlie
by Uglyb*tch69 June 14, 2021
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The sexiest asian looking girl you can think of. Often Lives under strict parental control but when released is wild like a tiger and hot like extra peri peri sauce.

Oh look at that marlie over there dancing on the table

Wow that marlie is so bust

She is such a marlie always at home on friday and saturday nights
by Busty McFly June 12, 2008
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A fucking ugly piece of shot that will break your heart
Guy 1: she just broke my heart!
Guy 2: she must be a marlie
by Your Mom Is A Boomer December 28, 2019
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