Marina is the name of a bitch. She’ll play with your heart and then leave you when she gets bored. Marina shouldn’t be messed with unless you want a broken heart. Then when you try to make friends and be nice she say you broke her heart and call you an ass hole. ⚠️BEWARE⚠️
Omg do you see that marina. She’s a bitch.
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Possessor of a beyond-gargantuan ding dong.
Wowzers trousers! Look at that m a r i n a s and his absolute pecker!
by BahookieBuckaroo February 03, 2021
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A girl who crushes way too much on young Leonardo Dicaprio to notice your existence. Some anonymous sources say that young leo and her had an affair in a past life but they got hit by an icecream iceberg in the middle of a pleasing night and he died which is why she is now so attached to him.
Random dude: "I wish Marina could notice me..."
Ransom dudette: "Forget it man she is way too weird"
by Voldemort's Pasta March 26, 2020
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Person 1: she’s so annoying
Person 2: ya she’s such a marina
by 67584673 October 14, 2020
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Marina is a very whitewashed female
She’s is Marina and she’s very whitewashed
by Juan the one October 22, 2020
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