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A discreetly vain girl that only ever does things that make her seem hotter; a girl that is admired by many idiots that don't see how pretentious and fake said girl is; an average looking girl that only seems hot because of the way she acts, the things she wears... when in reality, if she never acted and didn't have all the money she has now for all the glam she wears and puts on, no one would want her.

Typical an awkward girl that realizes she needs to stop being a loser, so she changes herself completely into a pseudo-ho for attention.

Interchangeable with "Maggot Robbie."
Adam: Oh, my God. Rebecca is trying so hard to be cute and pretty. Like, please stop smiling. You're not as nice as you pretend to be. Don't the guys see how fake she is?

James: I know, right? She's such a Margot Robbie.
by Atomikaric November 08, 2016
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A very attractive (probably the most attractive women in the world) Australian actress who has starred in many big hit movies such as: Suicide Squad, Focus, The Wolf of Wall Street etc. P.S. If you haven't seen her face before I recommend you to look her up on google images.
Thomas: Wow that girl at 6 o'clock is hot!
Jake: Yeah! But not as hot as Margot Robbie
by You're anus July 11, 2017
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a cinnamon roll and oscar nominee who is happiest in australia with her friends and family. the most beautiful woman alive who also happens to be the most talented woman alive, as shown in I, Tonya, Wolf of Wall Street, Goodbye Christopher Robin, and many other films. she deserves only happiness and sunshine
i want a best friend like margot robbie
by brycemargot January 30, 2018
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