1- A group of the most determined, craziest, loving, hard-working group of individuals you will ever find EVER

2- Marching Band Buss- A place to Make or Break relationships *guilty!!*

3- A relationship with your section, and with the rest of the band

4- a place to be the best
1- SL-When I say Euph, you say num!
SL-When I say Bare, you say phone!

2-Tyler put your pants on!
3-How many beats does a half not get?!
by Brittainy December 03, 2003
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A sport in which the participants run around on the field wearing STINKIN' HOT UNIFORMS, playing music of some sort, while carrying instruments of varying sizes. All this AFTER 12 or so hour days of hotter than hades practices and pain. And yet, we keep coming back...I LOVE IT!!!
My band director's philosophy concerning shows was, "If you don't end the show out of breath and about to pass out, you didn't give it your all."
by Hallie Corson August 28, 2005
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A way of life, consisting of a family (your section), an extended family, (the rest of the band), one or more gods (the directors), and a hell of a lot of fun.
One bando says, "You know, I actually DO have a life outside of band." The others look at him, look at each other, then one screams "Blasphemer!" and they all chase the rogue out of the bandroom.
by Duckgal July 27, 2005
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its you social life and when the season is over u have to find things to do its also....the coolest sport u could ever imagine to be in......which ppl rarely ever pay attention to which just shows us that half the ppl cant even handle the hard work we put into it... if ur not in marching band u couldnt last one day on the field
Hey sally can you come over this weekend? oh i'm sorry i have marching band followed by a show
dude look at the jocks i think they are going to pass out
by bob May 27, 2004
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A cult of sorts
A group of interesting people surrounded by "music".
Marching band was both the best and the worst decision of my life at the same time.
by Chay4 May 15, 2017
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The best damn sport in the world. Drumline, Flagline, and Hornline all working together to show those *other* bands what we're all about.
AIRPORT, you are not a scufflin' band. You are a marching band. Do it right!

Play with the band, *sigh*, not with yourselves.

Sell it ladies, sell it!

You will always be our sexiest drumline!
by Isis October 30, 2003
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