1. My life
2. The best way to make friends freshmen year
3. a great place to learn music (no shit), marching (no shit part 2), balance, dynamics :-D , how to deal with others, leadership, reflexes, flexibility, and more and more stuff...
4. About the only thing in in a Band Kid's life
5. usually comes with a colorguard attatched... unless you don't have one, which was a good thing at one time but colorguardies are sweet and I'm glad my school has one again
6. A second home... I live in the band room half the year, the band is my extended family, my instructors are awesome, MM is amazing too
7. Where we learn to "March Like Gods" as Julio says
8. Where I learnded how to BS anything
9. and turn any innocent comment into a very dirty one
10. Hot guys... most, and then some ugly nice ones :-D
11. An experience everyone who loves music should have
1. Band is her life! We can't go to the movies, can't go shopping... she's always as band-this or band-that
2. I'd say 80% of my friends are in the band... very sad but i love it!!
3. She can walk instep with her friends down the hallway with a lunch tray on her head, and her eyes closed. She's humming and fingering the show while she's at it
4. I have no other life as you can tell
5. I love my guardies! You know who you are sweeties!!
6. "The band room is my home," said Laura
"... the band hallway is my patio... unless the janitor lady kicjs me out," said I.
7. Heehee ACC
8. Oh yeah, just do your facts paragraphs in Mr. Eiler's class on music... which he knows nothing about so you cant be wrong
9. I was doing the robot in class while the low brass was playing their groove in Magna
10. Colorguardies love band guys.. proven fact... and everyone loves drummers
11. My life is changed because of band and I'd like it no other way :-D
by Kaytee P January 14, 2004
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1. a group of amazing hilarious (yet perverted) people who can march in step, following a drill chart, while either playing music or spinning a flag/rifle/sabre
2. people playing music in the stands at a football game or dancing to it
3.the hardest workers in the world
4. a group including brass, percussion, woodwinds, and colorguard.
5. my life
6 synonym:awesomeness
1. The marching band is hot!!!
2. the colorguard shimmied to wipe out, so the drummers were distracted.
3 those damn saturday 7 hour practices.
4. woodwinds are bad marchers, and percussion doesn't even dare to try
5 i have band practice 7 days a week.
by dani December 18, 2004
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1. My life
2. The best thing ever.
3. One of the hardest sports that is often overlooked.
4. Where you learn to march, play music better(while you march), spin flags, rifles or sabres(if you do color guard), and work together to perform a great show.
5. One large family with lots of incest. Made up of the band, the drum majors, the band director, the colorguard and the, usually very hot, drumline.
6. In marching band you usually participate in the following: competitions, halfime performances, practices, 3 hour bus rides, and parades.
7. Your excuse for not doing homework.
8. Where you also learn leadership, how to work with others, how to have fun, and how to work hard, even if your sick and feel like your going to faint.
9. Your salvation after dealing with all of your other classes every day.
10. Going to band camp.
11. The best thing I ever joined.
"Thinking the show will never work. And then, finally, it comes all together and you have achieved perfection , drumming your hands off and playing your brains out and tossing higher than the sky. A slice of time in a stadium when everyone cheers and your mom cries and pictures get taken and once, just once, you have the world in your hands. And the band marches out of the stadium and down the street, always together whether it's success or not, and you know by the feeling in your hear it doesn't get any better than this. And you know if your director asked you to turn around and "do it just one more time a little better" you would"

I love that quote(or whatever) and that's exactly how you feel in marching band. Anyone who doesn't like marching has never done it.
by colorguardgirl3 January 05, 2005
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as said by everone else, your life. you are expected to be perfect. includes people who are more often than not, criticized by everyone who is not in band who are really ignorant to the fact that we work our asses of 6.5 days a week. the lucky bands are the ones who have schools that support them. DCI is awesome.
lets do somethin friday, cant ive got a football game. how about saturday, ive got a marching band compotition, sorry. anytime?? no i have no social life.
by brianthedrummer October 01, 2005
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The only place in the world where the phrase "one more time" means "two to five more times."
All right, take it back to Set Zero and run it one more time.

Marching band is awesome.
by trumpet god September 14, 2008
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Intensive walking while playing an instrument.
"When you march, you want to take your foot and place it in front of the other foot."
"Wait, isn't that walking?"
by xmancrushmonday November 28, 2016
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1. A sport that kicks brass!
2. The people who GRACIOUSLY allow the football team to play at our out door concerts.
3. The only place where fingering isn't dirty (lol).
4. (For the Sousaphones) Talent that weighs eighty pounds.
5. Blood, sweat, and metronomes.
6. A true test of ability and strength.
7. The best combination of blowing, tounging, fingering, and percussion!
8. Life.
9. (MTD) A Musically Transmitted Disease.
10. Hardcore (or Hardcorps!)
11. The best experience of my life!
12.(Just for the trumpets) We rule the Marching Band, next stop...the world!
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