An ambitious person, usually high in energy and always up to new challenges and experiences. Patience is key when dealing with Manuel; they are very head strong and very sure of themselves. At first glance they could be hard to befriend however after getting to know one you will come to realize they are great friends that would do anything they could for the people they care about. Great dancers they cant resist dancing ! Once Manuel sets his mind on something there is no stoping him. Manuel's are plauged by complexity of trying to be the greatest there ever was sometimes bei8ng percieved as a little narsasitic. However after getting to know manuel you will be delighted to learn all the complexitys that have created this person and admire theyre ambition. Manuel is not someone everyone can understand but he is someone worth knowing .
Guy1: " That Manuel dude is very concided!"

Guy2: " Hes not that bad once you get to know him, you just have to be patient."
by YoBenDover December 31, 2014
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A sexy portuguese guy. He's kinda short and chubby but he has a big dick and he gets at the girls he wants. If he doesn't have any girls it's cuz he has chosen not to because he wants to leave some for the other guys who are clearly inferior to him.
-Look at that hot Portuguese guy over there! I bet he's a Manuel
by TheBigBlackOne March 13, 2017
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An awesome hippie who plays guitar and has great hair
Guy1:"Did you see that guy smoking pot down there?"
Guy2:"Yeah, he's awesome, I bet his name's Manuel."
by MistuhHippie September 26, 2009
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Manuel is usually a fat Mexican he usually spends his time taking poops because of how many ants live in his butt, he is contagious and very deadly. He works for the military he is the military’s secret weapon he is a tank they feed him expired ribs and then pull his finger.
Soldier 1 : There’s too many of them we can’t take them all!

Captain : I never thought this day would come BRING OUT MANUEL!

Soldier 2 : but sir he can wipe out whole countries!

Captain : FIRE!
by Manuel🐜🦟 October 04, 2019
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A Mexican man, usually fat. He likes cuss at people and shove around people. Other than that, he is a sort of nice person.
Hahaha look, That fat boy over there is laying on that kid and punching him. He must be a Manuel.
by Beat the heat March 25, 2013
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A big baby he can be sweet and adorable he can be very sweet when he feels like it I’m glad I have a Manuel in my life
Wow Manuel gives me big baby energy
by Titaaaaaa June 10, 2019
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In guatemala, a "manuel" is similar to saying a tight ass or a stingy person. So pretty much is someone who doesnt like to spend a lot of money and thinks everything is expensive. They want discounts on everything.
Why are you charging me gas money to take me 5 blocks over. Stop being such a manuel.
by Saul J. December 23, 2006
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