Makayla is a loving, sweet, kind, and caring girl. She is always there for anyone. It doesn't matter if they were best friends or enemies, Makayla will be your shoulder to cry on. However, she is depressed. No one could imagine the things she has gone through. She fakes a smile daily and puts everyone before herself. She constantly gets told she is beautiful but she just doesn't believe it.
Makayla's face : smiling all the time.

Makayla's mind : I wish I was good enough.
by Mystery???25 December 23, 2016
The name Makayla is usually given to a girl who is loud, athletic, and extremely attractive. She is a girl who is fierce, has got a bright personality, and is extremely sensitive. She is also extremely fine lookin, all the guys want her, and she's totally rad. She's pretty, doesn't take no for an answer and is also excessively stubborn. Makayla has beautiful galaxy-like eyes, sweet smelling hair that will just melt your heart, and her laugh will brighten your lowest days. And did I ever mention that making her smile is the greatest achievement? Cause it is. Makayla's usually can be seen as freaky, yet also lovable and soft. They are ticklish to the touch physically, and yet hard to the core mentally. Most Makayla's favorite sports are Basketball, Volleyball, and or Softball. They can get frightened pretty easily by even the simplest things, but will adore creatures such as spiders, snakes, and bats. She's extremely cool and yet prideful. Never liking to admit things is her worst problem. If you ever come across a Makayla, be thankful. Makayla's also give the greatest kisses, which are rare but when it comes to it, they're a natural at it. They're usually really athletic and are in all honors classes because they're so smart. Makayla's can be somewhat scary and harsh when you first meet them, but after awhile, you'd feel so close you'd practically die for her. <3
That moment when you're walking down the halls when Makayla stares at you... And then smiles. :)
by Jamims May 13, 2015
Makayla's are usually very quiet girls at first but once you earn their trust, get ready for a good time. They are kind, sweet and sassy all at the same time, making for an awesome combination. Makayla's aren't afraid to take risks and have fun but they have enough self respect to not post they're plans all over social media. They are cooler than the flip side of your pillow, incredibly pretty and fiercely loyal friends. If you're lucky enough to meet a Makayla, get ready for the time of your life.
by Cocochannel1 August 31, 2014
Makayla is the cutest person alive. She knows how to make anyone happy. She's one of the most gorgeous girls to ever be seen. Her smile will melt you. Makayla is always there for you no matter what. She isn't the type of person to be involved with drama or cause it. If you ever come across a Makayla keep her. She has lots of love to give and lots of positive feelings to share to. She's honestly the most amazing person in the whole world and the bestest friend you could ever ask for.
I wish my friend was Makayla, she's so amazing.
by RandomPerson0301 December 31, 2016
The most beautiful girl in the entire world. Has an AMAZING personality and drives all the guys WILD. Tan Makaylas are the best. She has amazing hair and is always there for you. ANY guy lucky enough to date a Makayla should treat her like a princess. But she doesn't seem to realize how gorgeous she is. You will always have amazing and funny and awesome memories with Makayla that you will remember forever. If you ever come across a Makayla, hold onto her. Cherish her. Because if you lose a Makayla from your life..your life is empty. She's the kind of person that likes to party alot and whenever your with her, you will have the time of your life. She's kind and funny, caring and an amazing girl. She will either be your best friend or just your friendly acquaintance. You will NEVER have an enemy named Makayla. But when she is your best friend, she will always be there for you when your ready to break down and cry or when your mad or sad. She will be that shoulder to cry on if you need it and she always will be. So if you find a Makayla, you better keep her close or she will slowly slip away from you and NOBODY wants their Makayla to slip away from them. An amazing girlfriend too. Has beautiful eyes, hair and body. Gotta love your Makayla :)
Guy 1: Yo dude who's that FINE girl over there?
Guy 2: That's Makayla :)
Guy 1: She sure is STUNNING!
Guy 2: Ikr? Wish I deserved a girl like that!
Guy 1: Yea she is BEAUTIFUL
Guy 2: She isn't beautiful
Guy 1: ???
Guy 2: She's GORGEOUS
The girl who works hard. People criticize her for the things she receives but they don't know how hard she works. She shines all the time and doesn't let others discourage her from what she wants for her life. She is a creature that will always smile even though she has the most reasons to cry. She is the shoulder for weeping friends, and only weeps in the quiet corners of her room so no one will see her. Makayla is strong and trustworthy, loyal to the unloyal. She will brighten your day with her laugh, will soothe your rising fears, and will love you until the days on the earth are no more. Take care of her as she takes care of you.
"Makayla: the person who smiles the most and yet has the most reasons to cry."
by You'llNeverKnow6014 March 4, 2013
Awesome talented girl she is cute pretty and funny if you meet a Makayla don't let go of her
Makayla is the most talented girl in the world
by Sarabushess February 19, 2016