A man who can run, jump, and swim across the border
Steve: hey, did you see that Mexican man on the news yesterday

Bob: yeah, filthy beaners coming over here to take our jobs
by Ur-mom-a-hoe April 4, 2022
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That sweet brown skin that as soon as you touch it, you are immediately with child. Or 3 or 4 of them.
OMG, So Pedro gave me a hug last week...I missed my period! That Mexican man skin don' impregnated me!!
by DarthRogue1 September 5, 2017
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When a mexican pornstar with a moustache hits a girl with his dick.

Can also mean an attempted mexican wave during revision or an exam in class.
Farrow, Dallas and Fox... Control her or give her the fuckin' mexican wave man!
by MexicanTwat May 29, 2010
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used to describe a complete asshole of the male gender.
"wow, you're a mexican mariachi man whore"
by Hannah June 27, 2004
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A steve who primarily eats tuna but occasionally gets treated to his favorite, Mexican food. It has been argued that he is also the inventor of the Mexican poop lasagna.
Mexican poo poo man already had his pills. Now it's time for bed.
by Turdhudini January 5, 2018
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A half blooded Mexican, considered not to be Hispanic because of manerisms and family traits
" Oh Juan ain't really Hispanic, he's a poor mans Mexican"
by KickAssKoalla February 9, 2017
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