A beautiful, generous and sweet french girl. Who, despite her appearance and act, is very sweet, gentle and caring to the ones they love. Even if you were to say something upsetting for them they'll forgive you with open arms. They'll always cheer you up and be themselves around their true friends and lover. They'll hold you close and whisper how much they love you, even going as far as to stay awake as long as they can for you.

One word is described to this name; beautiful.
Person 1: I got together with Manon today~
Person 2: What?! You're so lucky!!
by MisakiKawaiiTakahashi September 16, 2015
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Manon is an elegant french girl. I like to see her walk to me, because her smile seeing me is the thing that makes my day. Her perfume is everything, I should ask her what it is. Manon is caring for everyone, and sometimes she even forgets to care for herself. Her hair is always straight but I like it curly, she is tanned so much in summer and has freckles in winter. Her skin follows the seasons and I would like mine to do the same. I envy Manon because she handles everything, without seeming to care about her problems. Manon is my best friend and these little things I like are making her the best one. Manon is my best friend because she envies no one and stays herself.
by annecrr January 31, 2020
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A very awesome and beautiful french girl who captures all the boys attention. She is very weird but caring and a great friend who would never hurt anyone. She has a hard time trusting people especially boys and appreciates everyone she knows but still gets hurt a lot. She doesn't like animals and the color yellow.
Girl: ugh my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl
Friend: yea he asked out that stupid Manon girl
by snow&pizza January 12, 2015
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A badass Blackbeak Wing Leader witch who has a badass baby dragon that likes to eat flowers. Turns out she's actually the Queen of Witches because her mom slept with a Crochan behind her grandmother's back. Has iron teeth which Dorian finds super kinky. Her white hair and golden eyes that has everyone falling for her. But don't get too close -- feasting on human hearts is a pastime of hers. (Manon is a character in Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas)
Dorian: Hello, witchling.
Manon: Hello, princling.
by Westfallin'foryou July 8, 2020
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1) Manon is the Definition of a goddess
2) She is admired by all and is looked at as their queen
3) She is a tough and good fighter

4) Prettiest and sexiest human being that ever breathed oxygyn
Bob: Iwant to be a Manon when I grow up!
by Manifira January 2, 2017
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A beautiful girl who usually does at least 2 or more sports. Many boys will love here because she is sporty, pretty and has a good butt. Many boys would like to have her as their girlfriend. A Manon can also be a girl how would jump out of a car while its going.
other boy: Sorry, she's already taken
2) OMG did that girl just jump out of that car?
YA! She's such a Manon!
I bet you her name IS Manon!
by SCALLELA March 1, 2015
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1) A Manon is a teenage girl who jumps out of moving cars

2) Manon is also a French character from the film "Manon"
1) person 1: Jeez! did she just jump out of that moving car?

person 2: yep, she is a total Manon

2) j'aime tu, Manon!
by tashaf29 October 27, 2009
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