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The act of receiving by a person, at least one extra bar of cell phone signal than everyone else while dancing at a party.
The act of gargling with gravel every morning
Leaving something egregious in the bathroom sink, ie. hair, gravel
Holding the league record both for most home runs and lowest batting average
exhibiting belligerence bordering on, but not encroaching on violence.
Girl at party: "I heard a deep voice asking me my name, but when I looked up there were just a pair of white eyes floating in the darkness."

Other girl: "Ah, must have been Manojism."


-Student A notices Student B in the hallway-

Student B: Shut up!
Student A: What is this in the sink?
Student B: Hey! Fuck you!
Student A: Ah, Manojism in the morning.
by Curtis Easter November 13, 2011
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