Any perscription drug with effects that range from a head change to knocking someone out, sold in the street
Adderall,Klonopin,valium are examples of beans.
by G-Money December 13, 2004
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Slang used by self-harmers to refer to the third layer of skin (the hypodermis). The fat tissue in that layer resembles beans, hence the slang.
Susan: I hit beans, what should I do?
Alex: Time to go to the E.R., now.
by Wonky Johnnyette May 23, 2021
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"Beans," or "Forbidden/Baked beans"is used in the r/MadeOfStyrofoam community to mean the layer of fat. It is said that the fat looks like baked beans.
Person: "Ew, look at this later of fat! It looks like beans!"
by Magic kitty April 10, 2022
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Beans is another way of referring to money.
"How much you got on you right now?"
"I got 20 beans"
by SuperDuperHatGuy August 27, 2016
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