if someone is mad at you for something and they dont want to have anything to do with it or you they'll tell you "do what you do". because they see how you are and plan on doing their own thing.
it's kind of along the lines of "whatever" and "you just do you, I'mma do me".

after you've been seeing this guy/girl for a while and expected them to be exclusive to you and they tell they're about to go n hang with this girl/guy they like, and it goes something like this:
"are you mad?"
-"no do what you do" (meaning yea im mad but peace out, if you're gonna pull a stunt like this, im out. have fun with you new bitch)
by binket August 16, 2009
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1. To do something you don't want others to know about or what you shouldn't be doing, e.g., selling illicit drugs, assaulting others. A code phrase for being involved with some criminal activity.

2. To associate with people your friends and family regard as undesirable or beneath your dignity.

3. To take care of important business.
1. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive because there are no jobs available.

2. I know my friends think my boyfriend's no good, but I'm doing what I gotta do.

3. I'm doing what I gotta do to get something to eat.
by Stop the Pendulum March 13, 2006
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