Possessing and/or exuding the quality of manliness.
When the villagers saw Paul Bunyan strutting down the mountain with his burly beard, heavy wooden ax, manly flannel, and ripped muscles, all they could do was look in awe and quietly whisper, "Oh the manity..."
by GreenGiantofBroccoli February 19, 2010
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When a male perspective of having a cold or an injury is far worse than a woman’s experience with a similar cold or injury. Often includes excruciating pain when having a hangnail; Or a death sentence during a common cold.
Female: He pulled a muscle in his back, just like I did 2 days ago. I didn’t complain at all and went back to work the next day. But, he’s on strict bedrest and can’t move his extremities. He’s got a bad case of Manitis.
by Daviscour July 30, 2018
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Vanity - to the excess - in a man. Man + vanity = manity
If your man can't help himself from looking at his reflection in every shiny surface, from a store window to the new wax job on the car, he suffers from a severe case of manity.
by EBoogs May 18, 2006
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What you have the day after too much SingStar and/or singing/screaming along to songs at the pub.
Sig: Jeez, you sound like a man today...
Ann: Yeah, i know, i have manitis :(
by Anneh April 26, 2008
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A gentleman's version of a personal organizer for your daily carries. Watch, ring , wallet, phone, money clip, etc.
Every evening I get home and put all my belongings in my manity tray.
by Kamuelabe December 23, 2013
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the guy group which was made on Making the Band 4 consisting of Mike, Brian Andrews, Robert, Willie and Qwanell
Yo, I just copped dat brand new Manity Kane cd.
by Bobby Light gonna do you right February 1, 2008
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A grouping of barely talented athletes who are out to have fun as apposed to being a douche and acting like they are pros while trying way to hard to impress their not so good looking girlfriends.
Guy 1: Look at that team.
Guy 2: They're Manity Fair.
Guy 1: They suck!
Guy 2: Ya but they're cool dudes.
Guy 1: Oh.
by Master P Nut February 19, 2010
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