a state of mind describing a person being lost in his thoughts and who is furthermore unable to act reasonable caused by extreme use of hallucinogens.
While the neon lights were gushing out from every corner, I realised I am a Manical.
by FALD! April 27, 2015
1. Someone who is manic depressive
2. Something that is insanely cool
3. A member of the band Manic Street Preachers
I'm feelin so manic today.
That concert was very manic.
Who is your favourite manic?
by larry says hi October 15, 2005
the tendency to become easily obsessed with anything and everything you come in contact with(books, movies, music, boys, etc.)

this is a good thing, as it makes you far more interesting and and fun to be around.

often found among nerds.
Gosh, that girl is so manic! She's totally stalking that guy.

Have you heard that new band, The Spill Canvas? I'm totally manic about them.
by manic ayla March 14, 2009
A band of musicians known as the Manic Street Preachers. They have created some of the most inspiring music known to man. They have an indefinte number of members due to the mysterious dissappearance of one member many years ago now. They have changed lives.
He's alright.. he's a manics fan
by Total Chav September 9, 2005
A state of being consisting of having an elated mood in which you're incredibly productive, free from society, and your thoughts are racing. It's the peak of creativity. It's such a pure and natural form in which societal constructs don't matter and you're 100% yourself. It's the true expression of emotion that has evolved for millions of years. But for some reason it's frowned upon. You aren't hurting anyone, but you aren't “in line”. You aren't marching to the drum of what society expects of you. You're an outlier. So as a result, you're medicated. Drugs are thrown at you to hinder free thought and expression.
I love being manic. I don't want to ever comes down.

Want to start a business?
by ImARaptors July 16, 2021
Sonic's brother in the TV show Sonic Underground. He is a green hedgehog.
Sonic, Sonia, and Manic are the children of Queen Aleena.
by Sonic May 6, 2004