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A cartoon which first made its debue in 1999. In an alternate Mobius, there were few characters which were both in "Sonic Underground" and its predicessor, Sonic the Hedgehog (AKA: "SatAM"). The basic plot was Sonic, Manic, and Sonia were the heirs to the thorne, but were seperated when they were babies so that they could escape Robotnik's clutches and eventually fulfill a proficy using their Royal Medallions which could give them musical instraments of any sort, but of one type. Each episode had at least one group song, and, in many peoples' opinions, it was the worst Sonic cartoon ever made.
There are good cartoons, bad cartoons, and cartoons like Sonic Underground.
by R.K. July 04, 2004
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a lazy attempt by SEGA to make a sonic cartoon where they have constant loops, story holes and FUCKING BEST GUITAR JAMS LIKE IT'S THE NINETIES!!! also they insert terrible jokes and c00l things in order to appeal to those fucking normie hipsters

also the faces the characters make is great
SEGA: Alright, we need more popularity. We're making a new Sonic cartoon called "Sonic Underground". Ideas?
Worker 1: Let's put more effort!
Worker 2: Fuck that, just insert some c00l shit so it appeals to hipsters.
Worker 1: But that will make the show horrible!
Worker 2: Shut up, bitch! We don't need to do that! It will do fine without effort!
SEGA: Okay, it's settled! Sonic Underground will be on TV! Now let's wait for the cash...
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by someunfunnyguy69 June 09, 2018
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