A band of musicians known as the Manic Street Preachers. They have created some of the most inspiring music known to man. They have an indefinte number of members due to the mysterious dissappearance of one member many years ago now. They have changed lives.
He's alright.. he's a manics fan
by Total Chav September 09, 2005
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short name for manic street preachers a welsh rock band

often thought to be better prior to the disapearance of rythym guitarist/lyricist Richy Edwards
this not the case, as they have matured to be one of the best bands of the 90's and are one of the greatest live acts ever. anybody who says that they are not as good since richey disapeared is an ignorant cock, as they have had most hits without him including

if you tollerate this then your children will be next

masses against the classes


kevin carter

the everlasting

everything must go


elvis impersonator:blackpool pier

and of course - design for life

case closed
by lord stuart May 28, 2005
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short for the manic street preachers. they were one of the greatest bands on earth until Richey James Edwards disappeared in the early '90's. their early albums (the holy bible & generation terrorists are fabulous iconoclastic punk) now, however, theyre a bit crap.
yeah, i used to like the manics, but their latest albums kinda samey
by Pretty Vacant September 02, 2004
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A band that used to mean something. When they were young they were exciting, contreversial, and of course had Edwards. Now they're old, MOR and very, very tedious.
an old manics song: "faster"
a new manics song "the love of richard nixon"
i think we can all agree
by wig_wog August 17, 2005
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1. Someone who is manic depressive
2. Something that is insanely cool
3. A member of the band Manic Street Preachers
I'm feelin so manic today.
That concert was very manic.
Who is your favourite manic?
by larry says hi October 14, 2005
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