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Aleena is a girl who’s shy but once you get to know her she’s crazy.

She’s the one in the friend group that you can always go to for help.

She’s very insecure even though people tell her she’s beautiful every day.

No matter how bad you mess up she will always forgive you.

She will always cheer you up no matter how sad you are.

She truly cares for everyone she meets . Aleena is beautiful and her friendship with you will last a lifetime.
Aleena wrote me a sweet paragraph last night...she’s amazing
by theone☆ May 29, 2020
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The most AMAZING person you will ever meet. Someone who has great taste in clothes, music, make-up and friends. She is a gorgeous girl, very pretty inside and out, with an fabulous smile. Always looking beautiful and her best. Always the type of girl anyone can have a good laugh with.
Aleena's always tend to be be incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond belief! They will normally have a nice ass and will be loved by everyone.
They will tend to date guys with a nice body, perfect eyes, great in bed, but importantly someone who will treat her throughout everything.
Guys with names beginning with J,K,D,A,T or O will steal Aleena's heart away with love and will show that they care about her. Before staring an relationship she will have to get close to a guy so she can gain there trust.
Aleena's are very intelligent, and also the most caring people you will ever meet.
Dude 1: Maaann, did you see that girl, she's fiiineee!

Dude 2: That is definitely an Aleena!
by F1Mad October 05, 2011
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the most amazing person you will ever meet. someone who has great taste in clothes, friends, and makeup. she is a gorgeous girl with a fabulous smile.
person 1:wow! shes so pretty!
person 2:i bet her name is aleena.
by Barely There December 17, 2008
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an incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond belief.

can also be use to describe a incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond belief.
dude1: DAAAAMN! did u see that chick? she was fiiiine!

dude2: yeah, thats Aleena

guy1: wow that girl is so aleena!

guy2: dam shes bangn'
by FangsUpCobraStyle December 16, 2008
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A beautiful girl who loves Ali and every Huzaifah is in love with.
Ali: Hi.
Aleena: I love you Ali.
Huzaifah: I love you Aleena.


Person 1: I hear her name is Aleena
Person 2: I am sure there's a huzaifah who likes her.
by BenhsKL June 18, 2019
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Aleena is insecure and doesn't believe she is beautiful even if somone tells her everyday. She can like guys but she always has one guy on her mind when she wakes up.

Aleena falls for the guys that plays video games and likes star wars. She will go out with a guy and fall so fast and a year later she still has love for him. Aleena may not be the prettiest but that's her flaw pretty girls have bad attitudes but average girls have their personalities.

She is independent and can reach any goal by trying she is wierd but who isn't.
Aleena is not confident
by ThatHappyGirl. May 28, 2015
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