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1. Mangus is a rap group originating in Arlington Heights, Illinois by Obeast and DJP, and was established in early 2011. To listen to a sample of their music, it can be found at either or

2. Mangus can also be used in casual conversation as a pronoun similar to "dude," "homie," "man," etc. It can also be thrown in at random moments to add emphasis to whatever you're saying.
1. "Yo, u hear dat new Mangus jam, 'Icy Veins?' I enjoyed it."

2. "Who da mangus do u thank u is?"

"Ay mangus, we still finna go to that petting zoo later?"

"Oh my Mangus, dassumm huuuugee mangus!"

"Did you just see the mangus on that chick?!"
by WhoDaMangusRecords March 23, 2011
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Mangu is a typical Dominican food, commonly eaten as a side dish, or as part of more complex dishes. It is made by mashing boiled green plantains and adding a little salt, pepper, water (or a flavoured stock) and butter to it. It's commonly eaten as part of breakfast accompanying fried salami or as a side dish, just like mashed potatoes. Very filling and tasty. The name of Mangu is a contraption of the expresion Americans used when they first tried it during the USA invation of the Dominican Republic in the early 20th century "Man Good", hence "Mangu".
I dont want lunch yet, I had some Mangu and fried cheese for a late breakfast at the hotel.
by Hector Hernandez June 29, 2006
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Mangus is the father of Rangus and pooner child of Angus oke. The Mangus is a disturbingly hideous creature who enjoys th efine arts of shizen sex that involves pinch a loafs with the the utter. He is also the author of him and utters own kinky sex manual with all their favourite fetish positions. This book is called the uttersutra. The only way to be cleansed after seeing Mangus is ritual suicide where the infected individual must empale themselves horizontally on a church steeple.
I just saw Mangus where is the closest church.
by Keeper of the family tree September 09, 2004
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Mangus is a noun that can be replaced with any other noun. It has a universal meaning.

"I pledge allegiance, to the Mangus, of the United States of America..."

"So this hoe came up to me and I grabbed her Mangus with both of my hands. It was wonderful."

"You are a fucking Mangus shitbag, Artine."
by The Hidden Mangus September 21, 2006
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used to refer to a person who is lazy and always tries to pass off their work to someone else. They usaully have poor hygiene and smell like ass.
The new guy at work is a real mangus.
by Hungry M December 19, 2006
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A person, who when smoking marijuana, gets so high, he generally puts on a helmet. Then laughs hysterically, while punching himself in the face. He finds joy in singing to cardboard boxes, eating people, and just being a fucking retard.
I was so high last night, i was doing the Mangus.
by lob_the_Lobster November 16, 2011
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used to refer to any repulsive or putrid substance covering a living or non-living organism. Coined by Andy V.
When I pulled my dick out of that Andover girl, it was covered in mangus.
by Chad P March 15, 2005
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