A person that has gone beyond severely over weight. A person characterized as having a beast-like magnitude in height-weight proportion.

Also, someone who moves similar to a wild animal due to their condition. This may elicit fear or shock in those he / she comes in contact with.
John: "Did you see that guy?!"
Tim: "Yeah that guy was obeast!."

Doug: "Kelly, slow down on that hamburger before you become obeast!"
by StoryStellar February 24, 2011
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Something so large it is obese to the point of being beastly.
"That dude is obeast!"
"Did you see that obeast sandwich he was eating? That thing was fucking huge."
by Zebra Operating Electronics August 31, 2007
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Severely overweight woman with any of the following :
1) Thick facial hair
2) Hairy chest
3) Fucked up Grill (teeth)
4) Wears bedsheet size clothing
5) Has her own gravitational pull
At the club today, did you see that nasty ass OBEAST!
by Baro, J', Javo May 8, 2003
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A mixture between obese and beast. This new word has to be created to describe the ever growing American nation. Therefore Obeast = American/s
Can also be used as Obeastest.
Woa man, look at that obeast person!
by Not fat person January 11, 2006
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Someone that is so obese, they are a beast for being that overweight.
The 800 lb. man was considered Obeast because of his abnormal weight.
by Jonesmasterbeast November 15, 2010
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A person who is obese but wears quite provocative clothing in an attempt to be a fashion symbol. They are usually proud of being overweight and typically disgust anyone who comes into contact with them.

Msot Obeasts are typically African American women who quote "I not be fat... I be bootiful."
Person 1 "Jimmy shield your eyes! There is an obeast woman coming down the road."

Person 2 "Don't you mean obese."

Person 1 "No. She has all her clothes and fat hanging out."

Person 2 "Eww she does look like a beast!"

Person 1 "See, now you understand"
by dustincolin63 July 17, 2009
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Originalbeast. The total opposite of a hypebeast. When around the presence of an obeast, a hypebeast will shriver and possibly spontaneously combust into flames, though this is just a theory.
"Kanye West is obeast, because of the fact of how hypebeasts model themselves afterhim."

"Damn, no sb's. Just retro jays. Hella obeast."
by ajphizzles January 26, 2009
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