A creature which is half man, half bear, and half pig. A figment of Al Gore's imagination, it is the single most dangerous threat to our planet, and we are thuper thuper therial.
Where there is loss there is hope, for I have beaten ManBearPig.

by Michael Speziale August 06, 2007
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One's ball, or testicular areas. Sometimes known as "cash and prizes."
Yo Getchyo girl off my "ManBearPigs" brah!
by Arun Sharma November 22, 2008
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a realistic animal that al gore made up when he made up global warming (climate change)
manbearpig is super super serially real
by crevin April 04, 2008
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HALF Man, HALF Bear and HALF Pig. (MBP)
ManBearPig is a mamal created by Al Gore the last American Vice President. MBP is explained as the "single biggest threat to our planet." MBP is known as the creature that "roams the earth alone." People suggest that MBP is not real, but Al Gore says "MBP is very real and I'm serial." MBP has large hooves where humans feet should be. Al Gore believes to have spotted MBP in a tourist attraction known as "Cave of the Winds" Located in South Park, Colorado. MBP dropings are similar to pig droppings...but more manbear like. MBP also smells like salfur of salmon like odors.
Half man half bear and half pig
"ManBearPig is very real and I'm super serial."
by Ben Caruso September 27, 2007
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A creature created in an Episode of South Park by Al Gore to get attention. He is "half man, half bear, and half pig" making him not only an improper faction, but a mathematical impossibility. ManBearPig is actually a symbol of Global Warming, in that it seems Al Gore is the only one who is positivly sure of its existance and the other characters just think he's being silly.
"I'm here today to talk to you about the single biggest threat to our planet. I'm talking of course about... ManBearPig"
by Cory Page August 23, 2007
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Half man Half bear Half pig ;a figment of Al Gores imagination

An allusion to Al Gore's campaining on global warming used on the show south park
Manbearpig is a figment of al gores imagination because he has no friends
by brian yeah i'm that brian November 29, 2007
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