A man who acts like a baby. If he doesn't get his way, he becomes crabby and unable to work with. thinks he's always right. Can be angered and upset by anything.

Must proceed with caution!

If you come into contact with a Manbaby, back away quickly and run like hell.

Manbaby's are good at concealing themselves amongst society. They seem normal at first but throw fits not long after dating them. Be wary.
Julie: He was bitching about not going to the party because I said I didn't want him to go.

Sarah: He needs to stop being such a manbaby.
by TizzleCizzle April 8, 2010
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A man in constant need of nurturing and attention. The manbaby thinks his problems are fascinating and far more important and tragic than anyone else's. He cannot handle rejection in any form and will lament every breakup he has had throughout his lifetime, and cry over how he was mistreated by women decades in the past.
Susan: Why is Peter crying?

Elaine: He was just telling us about a girl he took out once in 1987 who didn't like him that much.

Susan: OMG!!! What a fecking manbaby!
by P.J. Findley July 27, 2011
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Manbabies - they look like men but act like babies

looking for a mammy not a girlfriend. incapable of taking charge and act immature
Manbabies - Looks like a man - acts like a baby
by Keronica November 22, 2012
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comes out of your penis to signal you to go back to gbs
by lol December 15, 2003
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Men, usually aged 12-22, who (a) are chubby/sweaty or (b) were assembled poorly in the womb and who, instead of making up for their lack of striking physical attractiveness by being funny, fun, interesting or down-to-earth will instead use any and all opportunities to put themselves down (especially in the presence of the opposite sex), stand in corners at parties, avoid conversations with friends at parties or take other measures in an attempt to get noticed. Manbabies are completely and utterly unable to grasp the idea that the pity points they earn from the occassional girl is not a sexual advance of any kind and will do nothing to improve their chances with a female. The behavior of manbabies at parties is as an enormous disservice to their friends, who must put up with the fact that they have a whiney, emotional, irrationally depressed and hopelessly romantic manbaby to worry about while they themselves are trying to meet girls. Tend to listen to a lot of angsty music (ie: Linkin Park, Slipknot) and are frequently heard describing how terrible they are with women.
"Oh crap, Johnny's standing in the corner being a manbaby again."
"Dammit! He always does this whenever we go out."
by Scott April 2, 2005
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offspring sexually produced without any female intervention.

Having five manbabies makes you teh funney.
five golden manbabies!
I want to have your manbabies!
by Sancho March 16, 2003
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You don't want to see an example. Imagine a chocolate covered krispy-kreme.
by mcrandello July 18, 2003
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