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A guy who jumps from girl to girl without remore. He's a Player that you should steer away from if its possible. He's a sweet talker and makes you believe whatever he says even when your heart tells you he's lying you can't leave him and give up. No matter what don't fall for a man whore, he will break your heart. Hes no good for you but if hes good at what he does, youll fall in love with him and you cant get away. He will text other girls while dating you and will constantly flirt, if theres one of the other girls around he will either ignore both of you or one of you to make the other person jealous.
Girl 1: He made me love him and broke my heart :'(
Girl 2: Dont worry hun, he's a cheating man whore!
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011
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A man who finds the need to hit on and sleep with just about every female that he comes into contact with.
Steve Studnuts.Steve Studnuts is a TOTAL Manwhore.
by Natas-Metronic,Kiwan S.Jaske A October 19, 2012
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a male slut. someone who seeks attention from multiple lady partners. you don't wanna be seen with one of these. chicks before dicks.
OMG Joe Molica is such a manwhore! He talks to so many girls!
by your worst nightmare96 June 29, 2014
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A player, a cheater. Charming and cute. Well dressed, clean. Often comes off as sensitive or a hopeless romantic. He will make lots of excuses. Claims to love all women, but only to use them. He'll be in denial of his selfish ways. He will ruin every girl's psyche. He will only call to have phone sex. He loves innocent good girls and virgins because they are easier to trick. Also likes 15 year olds. His name is Ricky. Don't date him.
"I'm going to tell the cops about all the underage girls you get with".


"I was at the park". When actually he was busy fucking a 15 year old.


"We weren't together!" Typical excuse for why he is doing sex talk with other females on Facebook, instagram, skype, and making dating profiles, when he is taken.

by lukeiamurmutha August 07, 2013
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Basically a fuckboy that will lead you on with no actual intention of being in an actual relationship with you. Will say that you’re the only one for him, and that he’s never gonna leave you. Until he gets tired and dumps you, just to get with another girl a few days later. Loves easy preys, often weak, innocent, and naive girls that doesn’t know a lot about manwhores. A typical example is exchange students.

The manwhore will never really let you go though, so he always tries to keep you emotionally bound to him in order for him to be able to take you back for sexual use, if lacking other options. Their names are usually Tyler or James, and they are often engineering students who failed joining the college football team and are instead fully devoted to pursue their manwhore career.

Keep away from manwhores, once they’ve caught you it’s gonna be hard to break free from them.
Esther did you know Tyler already got a new girlfriend”
“No I didn’t, he just asked me for nudes less than a week ago”
“Yeah that’s no surprise, he’s such a manwhore
by Crazyfreg October 10, 2018
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Someone who has little to no standards. He will sleep with your mother, sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend, wife and that girl missing a tooth who hangs out at the corner of the bar. He has no self respect, thinks all is justifiable if alcohol is involved. Selective memory because more frequent and is known at the locally among the clinics for he's reacurring STDs.
"Hello beautiful, my name is Jonathan - how would you like to come home with me tonight? Yes, I am a manwhore "
by queenofmen December 04, 2011
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