If you know or are a Bryn, you are the luckiest person to walk the earth. Bryns are extraordinarily beautiful, like goddesses. They are unique and outgoing, funny and always fun to be around. They also are incredibly good when it comes to sex, and Bryns are the hottest girls on the planet, no doubt. They also tend to have awesome butts. so if you know a Bryn, or are friends with a Bryn, never let her go, because she is one of the most amazing and extrodinary people you will ever come across in your entire life.
Random person 1: "Hey, do you see that girl over there?"
Random person 2: "yea! dammmnnnn! she MUST be a bryn!"
Random person 3: "she has such an awesome butt!"
by AbrynLover January 9, 2012
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Literally the most precious munchkin in the whole entire box of munchkins.
She Bryn-gs me happiness.
by Heythassprettygood April 15, 2017
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The most beautiful girl you'll ever have the pleasure of having in your life. She's the cutest and the prettiest. Always be there for her and she'll always be there for you, she's someone you can trust and spend time with. She can make a shitty day into an awesome one, and she's talented af.
Dude 1: Who's that beauty?
Dude 2: She must be a Bryn, man.
by MonsieurFoot March 14, 2017
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Bryn is the coolest person you'll ever meet. She's sweet, and ridiculously funny. Bryn is the kind of person you would want as your best friend, and is fiercely loyal.
Hey, have you seen my best friend Bryn? She's amazing!
by 12butternutsquashes September 8, 2018
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If you know a Bryn, your the luckiest person alive. not only is Bryn so caring, funny, nice and loyal, he is also very handsome, cute and extremely fit.. and is usually right. Although.. he can be wrong and does make some bad choices.

overall, he’s a great guy and you should never let him leave your side
random person1: “do you know that guy over there?”

random person2: “yeah, that’s Bryn”
random person1: “he’s fit

random person2: “yeah and even better, he’s loyal”

random person1: “he’s perfect”
by BabeRexa February 21, 2019
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Bryn is a name that, in different languages, means the following:


It's a perfectly acceptable name and doesn't mean anything bad! Yeah it's also the name of me but I'm wicked cool.
Christina: Hey Bryn!
Bryn: Hi.
by ebkf May 1, 2005
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Bryns are very pretty funny smart and beautiful. They have dirty blonde/ or blonde hair and green/or blue eyes
Bryn is hot
by D.T.gmablers August 8, 2017
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