The place where all the badass gods live
Zeus and all those bad asses live in Olympus
by Dw ab it February 12, 2017
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1. I love you so much

It came about when I was typing I love you so much and it autocorrected to Olympus and it stuck.

2. Olympussy is another form which is just the lesbian version of I love you so much
Me: goodnight kristi Olympus

Kristi: goodnight olympussy
by Djalma si December 12, 2017
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Olympus is the top of the actual Mount Olympus located over the Empire State Building in central Manhattan.
( As in the Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus Series)
Mount Olympus was its own island of light- Percy Jackson, Titan's Curse
by PJO/HOOfandom August 24, 2020
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The best brand of camera ever to be made. Thats right, screw nikon, canon and all the others. Olympus FTW!
The E-30, E-510, and E-3 were some of the best, in my opinion.
Olympus rulz!
by photoman456346 April 6, 2009
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A beautiful and sometimes controversial comic on Webtoon based on the Taking of Persephone a well-known Greek myth with a modern spin created by the wonderful Rachel Smythe or UsedBandaid on her social media platforms
Friend 1: “Did you read the season finale of Lore Olympus yet?”
Friend 2: “Yeah, I still can’t believe Persephone did all that!“
by Ppsykhe June 25, 2020
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The heros of olympus is probably the greatest thing to ever come from rick riordan's hands in anyone's life time. You got those kids in school reading "to kill a mocking bird" or "Catcher in the rye". Shit no mother fucker. Go give that sorry ass school kid a "Percy jackson" book or a "Heros of Olympus" book. That bitch gonna love you for that.
Teacher- now class the book is "To kill a mocking bird"

Kid- Shit no woman. I ain't reading that stank ass pixie tit shit. Try this one hoe.

*throws "The Heros of Olympus" book to teacher*

Teacher- Holy shit kid! This book is a fucking riot. I love this. Ya no what mofo coz u such a bright lil shit you can just nick off home. The rest of you homos better get to reading this beautiful madness.

The Heroes of Olympus
by allygraceful53 December 17, 2013
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the perennial ruler of Salt Lake City's east side, and arguably the Wasatch Front. named for the towering peak just east of the school
EHS student: Let's go trash Oly's field.
CHS student: Shall I bring the Bingham children along?
EHS student: Nah. No one likes them Bingham kids. We should go trash their field instead.

Let's go receieve a quality education, excellent extracurricular programs, and a super-attractive student body at Olympus High.
by AltaSKI February 5, 2010
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