A guy who gets really good grades and trys really hard in school
if i try really hard and get really good grades could i be a man guy?
by c.mabee April 23, 2006
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When you and another friend roll a blunt,a Marajuana filled cigar wrap, and smoke it only between the two of you. This is usually caused by both persons not seeing the other in a long while. Or just because theres two of you and a joint just wont do.
Sean I havent seen you in a minute we are definatly smoking a TMG cause we need to talk.

Sam it looks like its just you and me tonight. You wanna smoke a two man guy?
by CatrickParmody April 16, 2010
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The description of a male human you have met passing or acquainted and are unsure of one's name whether it be forgotten or not initially obtained.
I saw this fat old Dude Man Guy rockin out to enya in his car!

OH MY GOD We were getting chased down the street by some Dude Man Guy wearing a speedo and he was shooting at us with a potato cannon!
by Pukeoverrice85 June 06, 2011
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A man usually above the age of 16 who believes he is bad ass (rough, hard, cool) when in reality is a complete tool (poser, ass hat, vagina). There is a good chance that they graduated from Tough Guy High and a Boss Man Chief Guy will often say something that most people will find absolutley retarted.
Guy 1- Yo Boss im probably the coolest guy around Chief.

Guy 2- Your a fucking Boss Man Chief Guy, and a faggot.
by John klpecke November 14, 2009
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A pronoun used when the speaker is too distraught to remember someones name.
"Hey man-dude-guy-pal can you pass me that dew?"
by Dude McDudeson August 27, 2006
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