' take mans girl'
commonly used in the london used to refer to a man taking a next mans gyal.
dshaun: whys this girl calling me for
john: bruv yuu cant do that still dats your gyalliee patten up before i tmg her.
by iiidccc.xse April 19, 2019
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It stands for Tiny Meat Gang. This is a group of two celebrities by the names of Cody ko and Noel Miller. If two people are said to be like TMG, it would mean they have chemistry.
Damn, you two are such good friends. Ya'll are like the new TMG.
by Prince P A January 27, 2019
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Stands for Take Mans Gash/Girl. The act of stealing another guy's girl.
Look at that banging ting in the corner with that dude, come we TMG him!
... 20mins later...
You sick man! that dude got TMG'd!! HAHA so ham
by Shrizi April 4, 2011
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A drink that is made from Tequila, warm Milk, and Gin. The going rate for this drink is $20 (since most people don't know what to charge -- just give them $20). If someone buys you a TMG is in impolite not to drink it unless you are pregnant.
I was talking to this girl that I really like, but then Kyle bought me a TMG. Since it is impolite to turn down a TMG, I drank it and then threw up all over her. Now she won't return my calls.
by Wordz Werewolf May 13, 2011
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The club you wish you were in. Run by a sexy bitch called Cody and a drug lord called noel.
by Kook FL April 24, 2020
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That's My Goodbye. It's an acronym.
Instead of TTFN:Ta-Ta For Now,
one could say TMG:That's My Goodbye.

by Joe Grimm February 2, 2006
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A medical disorder when a individual spends to much time on the discord server “the middle ground” or also known as TMG.The mental pressure gets to high an the individual gets irrational and gay and starts to want to be banned.

“Schizophrenia “
“Loss of empathy “
“Racism “
“Anti Semitism”
“Radicalism “
“Dementia “
“Schizophrenia “
“Loss of faith in humanity “
“Loss of faith “
Wapple disorder “
“Severe depression”
“Suicidal thoughts”
“ hatred of candlewax

I have developed TMG disorder and think there inside of my skin.
by House always wins February 24, 2022
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