A Man Beast is a fat ugly, extremely large built female. These grotesque creatures, can be found in any UK city and seem to have many kids by different fathers. Man Beasts offen wear ill-fitting leggings and tight armless tops, to show off their disgusting fat bodies, and flabby arms covered in tattoos as a sign of pride. Very slow and unintelligent, these creatures can be herd screaming and swearing at their kids in public. The male partners of these creatures, are smaller by comparison, not very tall and skinny due to the lack of food.
Jesus that thing is over there, with the three kids is built like a brick shit house Man Beast
by kent brockman April 22, 2013
A small but ugly female that prowls on young males only at night time to hide hidieousness!
Man if ur walking watch out for the man beast
Dude the man beast likes you
by Nigel Jermey August 6, 2006
A Man that is sexy (to both man and woman) regardless of situation or age
Al Pacino Is a Sexy Man Beast, I would Thrash that.
by ДRCHIMEDE§ March 29, 2010
A large man of Slovakian descent who has enough chest hair to sew a coat.
(While at the pool)-"Wow! Look at that Slovak Man Beast's mane of chest hair!"
by febrezeman February 21, 2011
Is a term used to describe a teen that didn't just hit puberty, he beat the shit out of it. When a person is called man beast, it is usually because he hit puberty before a lot of other teens.
Person : "Dang dude. You used to be all fat, but now your freakin ripped. Your going man beast! "
by Lalalalala69 February 20, 2014
A guy who is a flippin hottie.
A sexy man beast is emo guys,rockers with long hair,emo guys with gauged ears or a guy that u think is hot.
by Monique G September 28, 2005