A Super Hot, Extreme, Sexy, Awesome, Brave, Guy
Person:That dudes reeeealy good looking

Other Person:Yea, thats because hes a Malthe!
by Flameboy4130 January 5, 2012
Malthe is the type of guy who would swallow his own tooth paste and enjoy it
Wow that guy just swallowed his own toothpaste, oh yeah thats just Malthe
by White salami69 September 17, 2021
Malthe er really grim og gets ingen Ladies. He is lugting very badand has the smallest tissemand in the whole verden.
Sweet Person 1 : Wow he was so annoying

Cool Person 2: such a Malthe
by The Real Leonardo da vinci November 23, 2021
Malthe.. Oh Malthe. It's just such a perfect name, for such a perfect guy. Everybody loves Malthe, EVERYBODY! Especially me. I love him so much.
He makes a smile on everybody's face. All Malthe' does.
"You'r just soooo lucky to have a Malthe in you'r life!"
by ostehaps November 20, 2016
Malthe is a hella dumb guy
Thea is much better than MaLthE

Malthe is dumb

Has good humor tho
Omg Thea Is just so much better than Malthe.

Gosh Malthe is kinda dumb.

Malthe is fUnNy.
by Potato Thea September 20, 2020
The Malthe is when you are having sexual intercoarse with a man and all of a sudden he starts to put toothpaste on his dick. He then starts to chew on is dick to eat the toothpaste.
Person 1 - Have you ever performed "the Malthe"
Person 2 - Yes my breath is very good now
by KneeGrow44 September 17, 2021