A person from India or who has Indian heritage.
Where's he from? - He's ingen.
'Dude, there are too many ingens here'
by v April 02, 2005
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A slang used to describe someone who is inserting something into somewhere all the time in singapore.

Striking similarity to insert and penetrate
Hey, that's an Ingen! Look at his pants!
by Valeri July 11, 2005
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Unlike eugenics which is vague, unethical, inhumane, and illogical when deciding what people should live or die, ingenics targets specific people that are actually evil and have committed atrocious crimes against humanity as a whole. Eugenics discriminates and assumes races, religions, ethnicity, disability, etc. are evil just based off slander. Ingenics targets people that need to die based off crimes committed against the innocent as treasonous acts with abusive power and smut. Ingenics also targets the evil individuals family's to be executed as well because the facts show that they breed bad blood into the world through their own display of fam acting and learning from their corrupted parents misleading them to an heir of a life of crime as well as these subhuman individuals should not be aloud to breed as well because their existence disturbs world peace and prosperity.
Donald Trump , Steve Bannon, Adolph Hitler, and Goerge W. Bush are the prime examples that need to be subject of ingenics. They have done nothing but kill the innocent and benefit for themselves off corruption in politics and abuse of power.
by superbipolar420 February 24, 2017
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