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Malley is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She acts normal in school.. but her real self is a bit crazy and well, even more crazy. She is the boys type. Getting a boyfriend is a price of cake for her. This person usually is Chinese.
Boy 1: wow! Doesn’t Malley look pretty today!
Boy 2: what do you mean? She always looks this good!
by My feet smell May 22, 2018
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Malley is a hot looking guy, kind, amazing personality, and your lucky if you have a Malley in your life. Your an exceptionally lucky girl if you have a Malley as a boyfriend. He will treat you right, he will help fix your car, always up for a good chat. He’s amazing in bed and will love you forever. He’s a keeper, don’t let him slip away. Your friends will always be jealous of your relationship
Damnnn did you see Malley today, he’s so hot

Watch out his girl night might come after you
by Don’t use my name March 08, 2019
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