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Nicolson is a term for a friend that has your back no matter what.

A Nicholson is loyal, loving, salt of the earth, kind, funny as fuck and quite possibly an excellent lover.

To have a Nicolson is to have a rare treasure for they are few are far between.
Great nicholson's are hard to find, impossible to leave and hard to forget.
by Ilovetiger August 09, 2016
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An area where beautiful women congregate. A location lusted after by men, but they can never get in.
"Oh man, I tried to get into Nicholson to see some hotties last night, but the closest I could get was to the front door."
by GinnyB September 25, 2006
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After gaining your red wings, look up, give her your scariest grin, and growl, "Wait'll they get a loada me..." <i>re. Jack Nicholson, player of "Joker" in the movie "Batman")</i>
Did my first Nicholson last night... She didn't think it was near as funny as I did.
by The Redneck May 30, 2005
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