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Maley is shy, but once you get her talking, you'll realize she is really interesting and funny. Maley is very observational, and asks questions that make you think. She's very smart, and overall she has good moral. But she still loves to party! Maley is very fit and strong, as well as independent. But if you ever get the opportunity to be with a Maley, don't let her go! There's a very slim chance you'll find another girl as amazing as her ever again.
Dude that’s Maley. You better not miss your chance with her!
by SabrinaRose March 11, 2019
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An adjective used to describe a girl who is very masculine-looking. She may be so unfortunate that it is common for her to be mistaken for a post-op tranny.

It is even more hilarious/suitable when applied to 'girls' named Hailey.
Girl 1: Yuck do you see that blonde girl? She's completely maley.
Girl 2: That shit is rough! Her heavy, cleft chin sure doesn't help.
Girl 1: She looks like your ex-boyfriend in a bad wig.
Girl 2: She probably has a bigger penis.
by Jersey2013 August 17, 2008
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