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A very beautiful girl. Has brown hair and big brown eyes. Is a little insecure. Has many friends and big boobs.
Look at mallery over there. She is so beautiful.
by hellothereloveeee March 31, 2010
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A Mexican wanna be that thinks she is cool but really have no friends she is single because she acts like a brat and thinks she can brag about anything that is basically nothing she a really big bitch to the world and her wanna be friends
Mallery is a brat and has no friends I see why
by Love6653 December 22, 2016
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slut, especially mallery dettmer
man, i caught that hoe pullin a mallery on me!
by Clitoris January 22, 2003
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Mallery is the person that’s always giggling and always brings the fun. She is somewhat sensitive but accepting of jokes
Alex: Yeah, Mallery
Malerey: uhh rude
by Gunslinga252524 November 28, 2018
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