malcolm is what one might call an absolute legend. he is good looking, athletic, and has lots of friends. in short you would want to meet a malcolm. he is good at pretty much everything he tries. if you trigger a malcolm (be super annoying, or be steal his belongings) you have a 99.99999999999% chance of getting your arse kicked.
by ttvurmom May 04, 2019
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A retarded Jew who is terrible at rainbow six but yet he thinks he’s amazing after coming silver 5. Has a mad crush on every one of his girl friends who immediately friend zone him.
Can Malcolm come?

No he’s so annoying please don’t invite him.
by Zack0001 December 03, 2019
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Malcolm is the most funniest guy you will come across he can be annoying sometimes but he is the most truthful friend in your life. He is also sexy he will get any girl any day. Malcolm love the wild life and love to adventure out the out back. Never get on his bad side because he gets really Angry and is not afraid to punch you. But he won’t punch a girl.
by ThAt-_-TwIn June 18, 2019
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He's like an orange m&m, Intimidating on the outside but a sweet treat on the inside. Once you get to know him you'll love him and his endless memes. Yes you'll have your up and downs, but the ups are what keep you going. He truly cares. He's not afraid of saying stuff on his mind. Downside is he uses gifs instead of emojis. I almost forgot, he'll steal your memes and trademark them without your permission. Gotta love the guy. (If you're name is Ethan please communicate at your own risk).
dAmN. Malcolm called me a moron then saved my meme. Gotta love that guy.
by Why you lookin October 11, 2017
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Malcolm is a sweet person. A boy who is sweet and very intelligent, but sometimes acts like a jerk near his friends. He can make you fall in love with him and he won't even do it on purpose. He will protect you and make you smile and laugh all the time. He will be the best best friend u will ever find. And if you ever lose him u will cry so much without even realising how much u need him in ur life. He's not a player, he will never cheat on a girl. If you find a malcolm don't let him go.
Girl 1: why are you smiling so much
Girl 2: I think she was talking to malcolm
Girl 3: I was talking to malcolm, he makes my day just by smiling at me or telling me how important I am for him, he's so sweet
Girl 2: I knew it
by LondonSexyGirl February 03, 2018
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Malcolm is a really smart and cool dude, he is the best at being a Malcolm. Most people like him (everyone). If you say you don't like him you go straight to hell. People often find him charming and warm when they are with him. All the girls want to date him.
Malcolm is so hot and cool, I wish I was him.
by MCDIGGYDOG205 April 21, 2018
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An extremely sexy boy that will sometimes make mistakes with his girlfriend, but she should always know that he loves her and wants the best for her at all times. He is cute, funny, and a special someone for every person that he comes in contact with. He can also be a flirt, but that just because its his nature and he will most likely change it for that special person.
Girl: Hey baby

Malcolm: Hey sexy how are you today?
Girl: I'm ok
Malcolm: Oh watcha doin
Girl: nothing
Malcolm: Oh maybe I can make you have fun by maybe entertaining you ;-)
by truthteller97 July 06, 2010
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