Effie Trinket's favorite material that a table is made out of. It's much more important than Haymitch's comfort, and knives shall not make contact with it.

Only Hunger Game fans will understand the true meaning of the word.
"That is MAHOGANY!!!"
by Peeniss_Everlark March 29, 2012
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Used in the term of a name, a female who is loud, most people see her having a attitude, diva, but she is mostly pretty, people rarely don't like her, she's outgoing and stubborn.If you don't like a Mahogany then its her attitude. They are great friends, but when you make them mad they make your life a living hell. Most mahogany's are like the description above
Mahogany ; Mama ; Loud
by BabyFuture;) October 17, 2013
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Mahogany is a loving caring person, she is nice, caring, and funny she loves to dance and love to sing.she is really flexible and try's her best to do things even tho she don't know how to do it.she makes you comfortable and makes you feel very happy about yourself.she is a beautiful thick cold hearted curly haired person we all love mahogany's...mahogany is a really goofy person she can't help it when she laughs she the type of person that will make your day thank you to all the mahogany's in the world expecially Mahogany Chesson
Stranger - ooouuu that look like a Mahogany!!
Mahogany - yes I am a mahogany I'm glad you notice it!!
by Andrew brooker August15 January 17, 2017
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A type of wood that is really hard.
Man, I have to admit, the other night I saw her in those sexy panties and I got wood. And we're not talking pine here, we're talking MAHOGANY!
by iluvkamakazi April 24, 2009
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Augustus had mahogany, or blonde, hair that flowed softy in the breeze.
by Cheesedoodlemonger June 13, 2014
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When a man (usually male, sometimes in rare occasions a female with a strap on) descends from the ceiling onto the bed ready to conduct the sexual act on his/her partner.
Dude, last night John Mahogany'd Jennifer so hard last night
by backboobies November 4, 2017
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a pretty girl with all jordans and has boys falling in love with her, dont forget she is the best at basketball
bro last week mahoganie crossed johnny.
by momo_to_saucyy April 4, 2017
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