Adj. The name Mahir means skilled in Arabic. Described as someone who is highly competent. Mahir is also a guy who is analytical, exceptional at mathematics, and considered to be an expert at what he does.
Dude, I'm so impressed. You were really a Mahir at sailing.

I was ballin' with some friends and this one guy was a total Mahir on the court. Damnnn!
by Peace ♥ February 4, 2010
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An amazing boy who loves to interact with people. He is intelligent and is really kind. A bit sensitive, outgoing, charismatic, optimistic, hilarious (a bit dirty :P), a little bit serious at times...he will bring joy and happiness to whoever he acquaints with. He is a bit clingy and is really innocent, which is why he is sometimes misunderstood. But those who really know and understand him, will never regret it. He'll be the most loyal friend/lover anyone can ever have. If he comes around in your life, he'll change it completely and will never leave your side. Not even till death.

A.K.A: A sexy child who knows how to treat people with kindness and respect! :)
Good kisser, good looking, kind, generous, chill, hilarious (a bit dirty)... yep, he's a Mahir!
by o meri lale!!! :P August 22, 2013
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A person who is good in everything.
And get any girl he wants
There goes Mahir
by Shjdnfnfnf April 8, 2021
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Mahir is a very nice kind hearted boy you will meet. He will always back his boys (friends) when they are in beef. He will look out for you whenever. He is a beautiful brown Bengali boy you will ever see. All the girls go crazyy for him!

by BENGALI BOII November 1, 2019
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Mahir is a name given to a sexy male , with great potential . He tends to be a chick magnet and has the capabilities of achieving great things like being a thrillionare , becoming the president
That guy is exceptional in all attributes .He is mahir in everything .
by Balsygayle March 30, 2020
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