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I agree, yes, affirmitive. Can also be used for in place of "Imagine" but only in certain contexts.
Ted: Hey Lance, can your snowmobile go as fast as mine?

Lance: Magine!

---- or

Ted: Magine if we drank all that booze tonight?

Lance: I magine we'd get quite intoxicated.

by Geoff Bartlett May 17, 2007
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A word originating from L'Ardoise.
Almost like the word "just kidding" but with more of a sense of humor to it.
"I'm gonna punch you right in the face!!hahaha, magine."
by L'Ardoise January 21, 2005
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Short for imagine. Colloquial to Maine and the Canadian Maritimes, northern New Hampshire and parts of Vermont. Used as an enthusiastic affirmation a or as a response to a dumb question in the manner of "duh". An obvious "yes".
"You going out and try to tap that new girl tonight?"
"'Magine! She makes me right fuckin' horned."
"Fuckin' right, bub!"
**Both head off to DP her and "accidentally" rub balls**
by tmwcamden November 09, 2011
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