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Maggy is rare and exotic. She has a beautiful smile with the brownest eyes. Maggy has black long hair that she loves leaving down. Her skin is so soft. She's good in bed but and can be very controlling . She's one of the classiest girls i've met. Her personality is so real. She keeps to her self and has a dark side that not too many know about. You would be so lucky if you have a Maggy in your life. She's absolutely perfect. Her body is to die for. Most girls envy her but she doesn't let that get in her way. She's adventurous and isn't afraid of trying anything. Any guy that dates or ends up marrying her will be one hell of a mother******.
dude..look at maggy..she's everything..
by guyser28 April 10, 2013
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A super smart, artistic, classy female who is loved by all. She has a beautiful laugh and can cook like a boss (a boss who was once a famous chef). Whenever you're not with her you tend to cry more. A literary genius who has many leather bound books. A Maggy can be easily identified by her beautiful singing voice and kick-ass smile. She can be usually spotted in an urban area surrounded by friends doing something fun and exciting.
Wait stop the car!


I think I just saw a Maggy! They're so beautiful and rare! If only I had a Maggy...
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She is so hot!!! You want a Maggy so bad! She is so kind and loves everyone. Sometimes people take her for granted. She is amazing at dance and has a big ass. She dates people as a Bobby or a Johnny or a Westin. She dates popular people. You will want a Maggy so much!!
Wow Maggy is so pretty! Dang that Maggy girl is THICCCC!!
by Randomperson54382 June 11, 2018
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An abbrieviation for magret ....a greek name.. actually used for girls who have dreams and goals to achieve. .,and they never stop working hard still that goal is achieved, they act like future leaders
Maggy is a good example to people
by macrk April 09, 2017
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Can be used for calling someone a pussy.
Mike: Those shoes are gay.

John: Come say that to my face.

Mike: Forget you.

John: Yeah, whatever maggy.
by G-TEE July 05, 2011
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Josh: How was Anna last night?
John: She was AMAZING. except she had a lot of Maggy. It was a little gross.
by Jacobbisadude August 04, 2011
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