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1. To be so angry that one's blood pressure is so high that there is nearly a sensation of arousal.
2. To intentionally observe something for the purpose of getting pissed off and getting a mad-on, ie, watching the 700 club.
I read the Faith section of the paper today just to get a Mad-on. or I listened to Palin's entire speech. It gave me a raging mad-on.
by Shiza and Friends October 27, 2008
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n. genius, a truely gifted person
He is such a madon. This boy was born to be a madon.
by Charlie February 20, 2005
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Anne Marie has a Mad On because her boyfriend dumped her (again), she lost her job, and her pet goldfish ran away.
by AlJP May 07, 2007
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Pissed at the world, Furious, Angry, Steamed
Anne Marie had a mad-on was dumped by her boyfriend (again), lost her job, and had her purse stolen.
by AlJP May 15, 2007
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