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As a product of abuse, (be it psychological, violent or combination of miscellaneous factors): A behavioral expression, (not necessarily unreasonable or a product of mental disorders) leading to an almost complete disregard of the instinctual directive for self preservation; which yields a disproportionate level of motivation to accomplish certain objectives of which are not necessarily violent or of ill intent.
The young geniuses of our society are driven to the point of madness by the relentless onslaughts from the simple-minded that radiate hatred and/or in some cases the intent to harm and/or destroy said geniuses.
by Thought Revolution October 30, 2016

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A state of a person's consciousness when logical fallacy becomes braided with cognitive bias yielding a grossly inaccurate view of reality or any other complex issue.
To presume that we know there is a god or that voting the "right" way is going to save us is most certainly stupid or it's outright insanity!
by Thought Revolution October 24, 2016

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a method of which suggestions can be given to the urban dictionary.... something that is common place among other websites but for some reason missing on urban dictionary, (likely missing bcz they are cowardly pieces of shit who don't want to be hammered into the ground with negative feedback for their horse shit reviewing process).
The hard truths that the urban dictionary definition reviewers can't handle bcz it will make them realize they are fucktarded scared lil kids who don't know shit about shit; it's called feedback duh!
by Thought Revolution November 09, 2016

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