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1. A retarded person, usually associated with pirates.

2. The dimwitted pirate in the series Pirates of Freedom. He sails with his friend Bloody James. Has an obsession with unicorns. Both he and Bloody James sail on the "ship" Suzie. While Bloody James can usually be found reading or stealing things, Mad Will does what his name suggests. He usually sings, draws, and pretends he is in the series Desperate Housewives.
1. Billy: Hey, are we gonna do the play today?
Jimmy:We performed it yesterday, so i'm assuming that we arn't 'gonna do the play today.'
Jimmy:Freakin Mad Will...

2. Mad Will hummed to himself. Bloody James was out picking up girls. But Mad Will had drawing talent, so he was definately cooler.Right? Oh, well. At least unicorns would never betray him.
by Krittr March 24, 2009
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