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The most awesome of awesome names belonging to the Scottish clan of MacKay... known for their supernatural and unparalleled skill at gaming.... they are excellent athletes and known for their warrior prowess... they are hairy but smell of lavender. You could wash your winter garments on their abs due to their chizzledness.
guy one: "hey i entered a CODMW2 tournament"
guy two: "yeah so did David MacKay"
guy one: "Friggin A... i might as well bend over now"

"I wish I was a MacKay, they are the best at everything"

Girl one: "hey is that a MacKay"
Girl two: "um yeah... can't you see the sexyness dripping off him?"
by Jobinnn February 09, 2010
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A town in north queensland filled with whingers that fall under the following catergories : Rich miners, Hard-done-by farmers, Intoxicated Truck drivers, Shallow women (ie miners, farmers and truck drivers wives) and residents who secretly wish they could be one of these, but can't so they whinge even more. The most common form of whinging is done via text message to the local paper.
Girl: Hi fellow mackay resident, what do you do for a living, want to go out?
Boy: I am a farmer that drives trucks at the mines who enjoys working under the influence and I also like to send whinging sms's into the local paper.
Girl: Oh wow. I am a shallow, materialistic, money obessed attention seeker!
Boy: Awesome, we are perfect for eachother
Girl: Yay.
by Monica 90 July 12, 2008
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A complete Pussylord. Even though people say his hair looks like pubes, he doesn't give a fuck he just gets the ladies with his extreme charm and swaginess. If he asks them out and they say no, he couldn't care less, he just keeps on rollin.
Girl 1: Did u see Mackay earlier, he is so hot!
Girl 2: Yeh, I know but he didn't look at me I guess he's just too cool
Girl 1: I so want to fuck him

Guy: I know right!!!
by Abc ChrisT October 08, 2014
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a insult for a person who has no genitals, usualy fat with dark hair and fair skin
person 1: look at that person over there lusting over that wilderbeast

person 2: ewwww, its a wilderbeast and a mackay

mackay;fat and fair skined
by scottyyyyy November 13, 2009
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