1. To take action unilaterally, and then blame others if such action has negative consequences. 2. To do physical harm to inanimate objects in anger or frustration. 3. To mess up.
1. If you need to do something, just Mac so you avoid getting in trouble.

2. Get angry! Mac that phone!

3. Wow, you really Macced that up didn't you ya retard?
by Foobar Luckypenny June 17, 2008
A fast, superior computer that is often looked down on by less fourtunante, nerdy PC users because they don't have one and are jealous of those who do. And becuase of that, they make completely untrue statements about them.

Here are a few:
-Macs are dificult to use. =Actually, they are designed to make everything easier and it is the simplest os- operating system to use.
-Macs are only used if your a musical artist or running your own business. =While macs do have a great program for musicians called garage band and have programs such as iWork for aspiring entrepreneurs, they are perfect for personal use as well
-Macs are gay =Macs are not gay. They may look gay on the outside with their polished, expensive looks but on the inside- they have fast proccesers, top-notch graphics cards, and extreme power.
PC "Hey mac, lets have a speed test. I bet I'll win."
Mac "Whatever you say."

Mac starts up in 30 seconds while PC starts up in 1 minute. Mac shuts down in 5 seconds and PC shuts down in 30 seconds.
by steezmcthrees January 4, 2011
a computer that onls smart, creative people know how to use. These tend to be 100% better safer and better looking than any other computer in the world.
your friend: I have a virus on my brand new dell

You: I just bought a mac Pro and encoded 5 1080P streams in 30 minutes.

You: friend: Macs are stupid
by Jim Tenaphotry November 7, 2006
a huge ass player who will do anything and everything to get his hands on a girl. some of which includes sending nasty picture. also see: manwhore
by your welcome Mackenzie Karl :) September 29, 2011
No one likes a Mac, he thinks he's hot shit and everything but he's not. He goes around acting the big man but everyone just slags him.

Mac's are normally very selfish, arrogant, pretentious, greedy, selfish, cocky, un athletic and gay.
Guy 1 "Hey you saw Mac acting the big man yesterday?"
Guy 2 "Yeah what a prick, he always acts like he owns the place"
by Uhh IDK Just a name October 2, 2018
lil dick ass mofo pussy ass bitch nibba. likes men. gay. dick ass mothefucker
by skipthenip March 27, 2019
when someone is ugly, there they look like they were hit by a mac truck
by SHITSHOW69 January 18, 2009