A cosmetic brand that stands for makeup artist cosmetics. Found almost everywhere and has the best color pigments.
I love MAC Cosmetics!
by L0VE December 03, 2005
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Piece of overpriced shit computers, by a company targeting the computer illiterate community by showing fancy looking (but crappy) programs that users could find alternatives for without spending an arm and a leg for something small (such as creating a movie).

Even with the Intel processors, Mac's are still gigantic resource hogs that most professionals still refuse to use.. disagree with me on that or not, but more companies i know of run a Windows OS or Linux, however most companies look for more features than looking pretty. While Windows Vista is still a very new and has bugs, there are still more features and it doesn't look too shaby itself. Windows OS is one of the most user friendly operating systems, most compatible with most software/hardware, and is not the douchebag from the "get a life" commercials.

Mac's and their users are basically the Paris Hilton's of the computer world, they aren't too smart, are full of bugs/security threats not yet known, and the only action being get from pussy's in prison and at their computer desks.

Mac's can easily get viruses, don't say they cannot, most scripters and hackers don't bother creating a virus or exploit for the mac os because, first of all, the users suffer enough from mental retardation and smacking themselves once they see the gay pinwheel of death, and two, most users are smart enough to get a working operating system (WINDOWS BABY!)

FOR ALL GAMERS!! very important:
DO NOT BUY A MAC, even dual booting windows on mac is garbage. Unless you enjoy playing solitare and a a narrow selection of games, yes they have games.. just not nearly as many (any1 up for quake?).. nor are they good for games. Unless you purchase the top of the line mac, paying with an arm and leg, you would probably be able to run more with half of the specifications of a mac on the pc.

All in all, as Macs may seem fancy, they are too much for show, less for performance. The reason they seem real good is because they can't run much crap in the first place. While they did come up with some good ideas, windows vista has taken some of those features, so why buy a mac?
-the douchebag pansy cheerleader from the movie Dodgeball: the mac from the "get a life" commercials
by ARMANATOR June 07, 2007
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n. 1. anti-trendy trend. 2. source for smugness. See hybrid cars.

If one is looking for a piece of crap to try to help their image, and thus become smug, one should buy a Mac. Because no one sees a Mac user that doesn't try to show everyone that they own a Mac. However, there are a lot of people who buy Macs. In fact, it is a trend. Wait, aren't trends what Mac users seem to try to avoid? Then what's with this trend that they are following? Nice rebellion. Someone needs to create a new company to be an alternative to PCs and Macs, because Macs are a trend, so all those Mac users will have a new anti-trendy trend to follow.
I own a Mac, which makes me hip and not a follower of trends, which is the reason I am smug towards non-Mac users, even though many other people Mac users too, so it actually is a trend, which makes me a retard.
by Brad H.. December 13, 2006
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(verb) To hookup with someone
The guys were hoping to mac it with some drunk girls at the party
by manny678 April 13, 2008
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Any of the overpriced computers built by Apple. Is it a coincidence that macs spelled backwards is scam?
That emperor who had no clothes also bought a mac.
by mayhaps November 06, 2010
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A useless excuse of an operating system, far inferior to Windows.

Users are turn into brainwashed Mac fanboys and are constantly spamming up everything technical with mac propaganda.

Less stable, less popular, and less functional than Windows, contrary to the stereotypical representation conveyed by "Get a Mac" or "Switch" ads.

Mac Lovers say they look better, but it makes no difference in performance, and costs too much for anyone to buy.
Dan: I need a computer
Bill: How about getting a mac? It's 9001x better than Windows, and it looks better.

Luigi: I have a mac. I am far superior to all of you.
Mario: Go away, I don't have time to argue with you, you're just wasting my time, AGAIN.
Luigi: Do you know that macs are 3.14% better than the Windows ..........
by SmartPCLover April 13, 2009
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A computer that costs two to three times the price of an equally powerful PC
Hipster #1- Dude, I have too much money in my pocket and know nothing about computers.
Hipster #2- Dude, you should get a mac.
by Joker666 September 26, 2005
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