The token asian dude in the Doom movie who you know is gonna die and no one gives a shit about, who doesnt even speak the same language and is just left behind to protect the dude in the wheelchair who gets more lines than him, and in the end just gets his head cut off and no one even comments on it.
"Who the fuck is Mac?"
by Burgomeister November 05, 2005
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A computer created by the evil space empire (also known as Apple Inc).
This computer is designed to suck misfits, tree-huggers, and losers into their evil mind-control scheme, with their shiny GUI and their impression of owning the fastest computers, and most of all, their horrible one-button mouse. Before you know it the Macbots will be going on PC websites and mindlessly raving about how much better Macs are. These people are often spotted praying to Steve Jobs before sleeping, asking him to make their lives better.
1. PC user: I heard you got a new computer. What are its specs?
Macbot: Uhhh, specs?
PC user: You know, RAM, Processor speed, Hard drive capacity, that kind of stuff.
Macbot: BRAIN OVERLOAD! *Head explodes*

2.Macbot: My new Mac is so cool, it even has a hard drive! YEAH!
by Ecksbawks July 27, 2009
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Computers that hipsters always buy. No better than a PC in terms of usefulness yet they always argue Macs > PCs
A mac isn't a computer, it is a hipster machine
by Roc18 October 06, 2010
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An outstanding OS developed by Apple. I think people need to learn more about computers before they talk badly about both the Mac and Windows.

Windows is a great OS. I have used it for 10 yrs and I have only had it crash twice (one computer ran 98, one XP). And it wasn't a problem because I had backups of everything. Most people's problems with Windows arise because they don't know how to secure their comps. If people installed anti-malware apps, and set their user accounts to "user" privliges (w/ 1 admin acct) then they would be all set.

Yes, the Macs have less apps written for them. But the ones that are written for them are sometimes superior to Windows apps. System processes in Macs use less resources than Windows machines and they never crash (at least X doesn't).

I have been a Windows user all my life, and I think it is a good OS. I just bought a Mac, and I love it.

Macs are the way to go.
Windows = gaudy GUI and is too user friendly in some areas and not user friendly enough in others.

Mac = Outstanding GUI, great performance (on Intel chips), and the right userfriendlyness in the right areas.

Power user/IT admin = WIN

Avg user = MAC
by HTML + Flash = cool April 30, 2006
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A very easy to use computer. It doesn't crash all the fucking time like P.C.'s do. It is alot easier to work with and gets better results and is MUCH faster than a pc. You can't play many games on it, but its best for its internet capabilities.
"I'm a retard. I use a P.C. It crashes all the time and I think I'll have to buy a new computer because this one sucks so much. Maybe this time I'll be smart and take a mac."
by marcotte March 10, 2003
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The best makeup out there. Makes lipgloss, eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, mascara...Comes in a variety of bold colors...Shimmer and non-shimmer...Don't let the price get to you, it is definately worth it. =)
1)Yes!! They've finally set up a mac counter at our mall!

2)PhOk Clinique..mac is the way to go!
by PREP istheNeW PIMP December 04, 2005
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