#1 :In some places Mac means you got talk game, like you can get any girl/boy you want

It can also mean shutup. Like if you get

in arguement
#1: "Watch me Mac this girl over there"

#2: "Shutup hoe, Mac b*tch!"😂
by Tatianalalalana April 22, 2017
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A guy who moves in for his best friend's leftovers.

M- move in
A- after
C- completion

Wait till he's done, swoop in, give her a shoulder to cry on, then hump.
Nah, I'm not your wing-man, I'm swimming in your wake. I'm Mac'in.
by cougrrr November 19, 2009
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Succeed in something great. When you do something remarkable that earn you respect among other people. Usually said when you flirt with a girl and get her phone number or a dance at the club.
1-I'll be mac'in at the club tonight!
2-I'm coming with you!


1-I'm gonna mac this test!
2-U studied?
1-Yeah i know everything
2-Man u're the BOSS!
by Royal_Belvedere March 24, 2010
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In Britain this is a waterproof outer garmet, like a jacket. Theword is the shortened form of MacIntosh.

British people are often seen wearing a Mac, carrying an umbrella and sporting some Wellies.
Is it raining?

Yes, you need to wear your Mac.
by Englandisbest2009 February 03, 2010
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An operating system. Nice controls, and in my opinion, better, faster, and easier than Microsoft Windows.
Just a short few years ago, it was a privelege to own a Macintosh computer, but they have now been ruined by fanboys and fangirls, much like iPods.
Porter: What kind of computer did you say you use?
Ivan: Macs
Porter: Yeah me too! They're great!
Ivan: You are stupid. You're a total Windows person. You've been using a Mac computer for almost 1 year, and you think you're special?
Porter: Uh...
Ivan: I have used Macintosh all my life, since about Mac OS 5. Do you even know what Mac OS 9 was?
by ivantis May 23, 2009
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When someone gets annoyed really easily.
This could also mean grumpy or triggered.
Serena is such a mac.

Jack acts like such a mac, can't he just take a joke?

Woah, Jake, take a chill pill; stop acting like a mac.

Hey Noah, I made a mac & cheese sandwich for you. What? You don't like it? Well take your mac attitude elsewhere and give me back my mac & cheese.
by Japan Man July 09, 2021
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