Something that is not politically correct (PC).

From the idea that a Microsoft/IBM/Windows personal computer (PC) and an Apple Macintosh (Mac) are opposites.
Those old Looney Tunes WWII propaganda cartoons are so un-PC they're a Mac.
by Zebidee55 July 12, 2009
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A computer that can be compared to wanking with your left hand... You can get the job done, but it does take longer than expected, and doesn't feel as satisfying at the end.
Holy crap - everything you do on this Mac can be done on a PC. You cant do 3-D work. And even though it looks smooth, on closer inspection this is badly designed... I thought this was the wireless generation, look at the number of cords! And it seems strange but they are going to be using an intel chip from a PC..... Ha.....
by L.M.B//REP March 22, 2006
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Computers that not only are better than PCs for graphical editing (it pains me as a PC user to say that), but also doubles as a very nice fishtank!
I just turned my friend's burned out iMac into a very nice fishtank!
by Viros June 28, 2003
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The most fucked up and retarded piece of shit out there. Short for Macintosh. I think it was supposed to be a computer, but they accidentally used a pile of shit instead. Probably made by the same poor deprived children who made your shoes. With the same materials. Also the 'computer' that my school system uses. Blech.
Billie McRetard: DUDE i just bot me a new mac and it rocks so much u all sux i hate u stupid loozers haha you use a real compooter but im 2 fucking dumb to no the diferents.

Joe McNotAnIdiot: Stop talking before I shoot you.
by Joe McNotAnIdiot March 06, 2005
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A computer created by a company known for masscreating bullshit like the mac os, iPhone, iTunes, etc. Their most famous product is a Mac because retarded people need computers too. Driving a tricycle is easy, but most people prefer to use a car.
Shopkeeper: "If your IQ is higher than 60, buy a PC.
If your IQ is below that of a simian covered in dog shit , I suggest you use a mac."
by PCuser June 21, 2010
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A Computer Marketed by Apple Inc. MAC which continually claims it just works must never use their own products or are referring to something else because MAC's OS are prone to crashes more than any other of its equivalent i.e. Windows XP, Vista, Linux. Mac also incredibly over prices their computers the MAC Book pro costs little under $3000, When the hardware that is included in that notebook is compared to that such as HP the Hardware is the same(if not online customizations can be made) and the price is only half as much. Anyone that says macs just works cause they are reliable are also in doubt. HP was named the most reliable computer of 2007. There is also no good games or software for macs seeing how they are one of the least used operating systems available. MAC's also constantly cheated their customers in the past making it so that if one wanted to use their OS they had to buy their computer which is why they overpriced such basic hardware, they also make their computers near impossible to upgrade unless you buy a MAC pro desktop which is extremely expensive as it is. I also find it funny how there $3000 computer comes with a 13' screen and any other Laptop comes with at least a 15' screen.I mean really they need to cheat you out of 2inches People need to open their eyes and understand expensive doesn't always mean best.
Mac: "Check out my new MAC book pro definitely the best thing to hit the computer user."
PC: "What are you stupid? you could have gotten the same hardware in any other PC for half the price... and if you really wanted could have bought OSX and it still would have been cheaper...Fucking retard"
by L. Fused March 16, 2008
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