The token asian dude in the Doom movie who you know is gonna die and no one gives a shit about, who doesnt even speak the same language and is just left behind to protect the dude in the wheelchair who gets more lines than him, and in the end just gets his head cut off and no one even comments on it.
"Who the fuck is Mac?"
by Burgomeister November 5, 2005
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A computer created by the evil space empire (also known as Apple Inc).
This computer is designed to suck misfits, tree-huggers, and losers into their evil mind-control scheme, with their shiny GUI and their impression of owning the fastest computers, and most of all, their horrible one-button mouse. Before you know it the Macbots will be going on PC websites and mindlessly raving about how much better Macs are. These people are often spotted praying to Steve Jobs before sleeping, asking him to make their lives better.
1. PC user: I heard you got a new computer. What are its specs?
Macbot: Uhhh, specs?
PC user: You know, RAM, Processor speed, Hard drive capacity, that kind of stuff.
Macbot: BRAIN OVERLOAD! *Head explodes*

2.Macbot: My new Mac is so cool, it even has a hard drive! YEAH!
by Ecksbawks July 27, 2009
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A useless excuse of an operating system, far inferior to Windows.

Users are turn into brainwashed Mac fanboys and are constantly spamming up everything technical with mac propaganda.

Less stable, less popular, and less functional than Windows, contrary to the stereotypical representation conveyed by "Get a Mac" or "Switch" ads.

Mac Lovers say they look better, but it makes no difference in performance, and costs too much for anyone to buy.
Dan: I need a computer
Bill: How about getting a mac? It's 9001x better than Windows, and it looks better.

Luigi: I have a mac. I am far superior to all of you.
Mario: Go away, I don't have time to argue with you, you're just wasting my time, AGAIN.
Luigi: Do you know that macs are 3.14% better than the Windows ..........
by SmartPCLover April 13, 2009
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Computers that hipsters always buy. No better than a PC in terms of usefulness yet they always argue Macs > PCs
A mac isn't a computer, it is a hipster machine
by Roc18 October 7, 2010
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A character in the Cartoon Network show, Foster's Home for Imaginary friends. Mac is eight years old and comes to visit his imaginary friend, Bloo, every day because his mom made him give Bloo up. Mac is pretty much the coolest eight year old ever.
Mac is the coolest eight year old kid ever.
by ms.insomniac July 29, 2006
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A very long, lecture-like definition:

Although the Macintosh platform currently (as of early Jan 2006) only holds 6% of market share compared to Microsoft Windows and Linux, it is un-doubtingly (and fact as well) the most powerful and advanced system created up-to-date. In addition, Mac users tend to be more educated, and internet savvy (apparent by the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" ratings of the definition "Mac" on this website) according to a study done by Hence iDork.

The myth that Apple Computers cost more than your typical PC is inaccurate. I personally group computers prices in three general areas. 1. $800 and under, 2. $1000-$2000, and 3. $2000 and over. PCs can run anywhere from $300 to over $2500 (typically portables). Apple computers are generally in the $1000-$2000 range, excluding the Mac mini which costs only $500, however is only the computer itself, without a keyboard, mouse and display. If you wish to go "Pro," (i.e. Video editing, professional photography, sound engineer, etc...) you may have to spend more than $2000 to get your top-of-the-line machine. The typical computer user, however, can easily spend $1300 for an "already very good" Mac (1.9Ghz iMac), or a less than mediocre PC, whose monitor is almost guaranteed to burn out within a year of use. Ultimately, Macs are not cheaper, nor more expensive than PCs...they are in the "sweet spot," if you will, of computer prices.

The operating system is one of the most important things to think about when talking about the Mac. Macs will never decide to restart on you when you are at the end of writing your 16 page thesis, nor will it ever get a single virus. Unlike Windows, the Mac OS is designed to have top-of-the-line security; preventing the problem from ever happening. Most third party applications are "stand-alone," and require no installation of files besides dragging and dropping the app into the "Applications" folder. If the app does require installation of files within the computer's "System" folder, it requires authentication (entering the root password of the computer). Even if a single virus did exist on the Macintosh platform, you would have to authenticate before installing it.

Another thing that windows users complain about is the setup of the Mac OS X interface. So what? The buttons are on the left side. Just because things are different doesn't mean that it's bad. There are many rumors and myths among Mac "bashers" that just aren't true, or are just pure opinion. Many windows user say "but there's no start menu." Guess what? It's a different operating system. Instead of a start menu, there are better ways of achieving the same thing in an easier and productive way.

One last thing to point out is that Macs just look COOLER. Both the computer and operating system just have a cool, sleek look. Micro$oft just has no taste.

In the end, Macs just make more sense. Don't listen to stereotypes, rumors, and myths. Open your mind and try one yourself...It just may change your definition of what a Mac really is.
Why are Mac users so intelligent?
by Alan C. January 6, 2006
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This weed is Mac. This song is mac'n
by 420ish August 11, 2008
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