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A pretty cool guy who kills aleins.
Master Chief wants YOU to enlist in the UNSC!
by Ecksbawks September 18, 2009

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1. A large canine that hunts in packs.
Wow, that is one awesome Wolf!
by Ecksbawks September 06, 2009

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A computer created by the evil space empire (also known as Apple Inc).
This computer is designed to suck misfits, tree-huggers, and losers into their evil mind-control scheme, with their shiny GUI and their impression of owning the fastest computers, and most of all, their horrible one-button mouse. Before you know it the Macbots will be going on PC websites and mindlessly raving about how much better Macs are. These people are often spotted praying to Steve Jobs before sleeping, asking him to make their lives better.
1. PC user: I heard you got a new computer. What are its specs?
Macbot: Uhhh, specs?
PC user: You know, RAM, Processor speed, Hard drive capacity, that kind of stuff.
Macbot: BRAIN OVERLOAD! *Head explodes*

2.Macbot: My new Mac is so cool, it even has a hard drive! YEAH!
by Ecksbawks July 27, 2009

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