A devastatingly violent shit with the girth of a fosters beer can that flies out of your asshole at mach 1 causing poo splatter all over the bowl, your ass, and your life. leaving you feeling utterly violated and abused in ways that an assrapery victim cant event describe. Mabinogi's are followed by the distinct smell not unlike that of rancid tuna salad in a dead homeless guys ass.
Example 1:
"BROOOO WHAT THE ACTUAL MOTHER FUCK!?!?! You broke my moms toilet with that mabinogi, what died in here?"

Example 2:
Boy : Holy shit what the hell is that smell???
Girl : I just dropped a righteous mabinogi, wanna fuck my ass its already gaping!
by dookislord November 2, 2016
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Mabinogi is a MMORPG where you can do anything, way more than just what you can do in RuneScape. It has good graphics and a very friendly community. You can compose songs, and of course, fight off monsters! However, the grind is just as terrible as Maple Story and the company that made this game is led by Nexon. There are a lot of things to do in this game and I recommend it.
Person 1: Hey, what MMORPG are you playing?

Person 2: RuneScape. Why?

Person 1: You should play Mabinogi instead! Much more variety to the game.
by MisaTange July 7, 2009
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The closest thing we have to .Hack//'s "The World." That is how incredible Mabinogi is. If you love Maplestory, but wish it was more 3D, PLAY MABINOGI. Or honestly, if you want a genuine MMO experience, play Mabinogi.
I could live in Mabinogi~
by AzureoftheNightSky May 30, 2009
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Mabinogi is a free MMORPG created by Nexon. After 4 years in Korea, the game was released in the United States on March 27, 2008. The game relies heavily on music, and has a cell-shaded Anime style. Players are allowed to compose and play their own music by levelling up their Composing and Instrument Playing skills.

Mabinogi is, for the most part, point and click, although there are variations on battle style. This includes using skills such as counterattack and defend, and choosing the right moment to attack for a critical hit.

Currently in the North American release there is only one episode.
Mabinogi player: Have you heard of the MMO called "Mabinogi"?
Non-Mabinogi player: no.
Mabinogi player: it's free, so download it at Nexon's website
Non-Mabinogi player: ok.
by scy1192 April 3, 2008
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An MMORPG developed by the Korean company Nexon, set in a medival(ish) world.
Personally not a bad game.
Reaps profits due to a "cash shop", where you buy pets and such.
Person 1: Hey have you heard of Nexon's RPG Mabinogi?
Person 2: You mean Maplestory? Nah I play runescape.
Person 1: You no life loser! Play mabinogi now fool! Before runescape consumes your soul!!!
by nasa0003 December 30, 2009
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The Raid: Shadow Legends of desktop MMOs. Has the graphics of Warcraft III, an update release schedule of Half-Life, and with the micro-transaction business model of a casino. Translated by a team of people who have never seen a map before.
Player: Hey why is this town in Mabinogi called Belvast? Isn't it called Belfast?
Translator: Woops we didn't know Northern Ireland existed.
by TheWingedCow March 28, 2020
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A game Created by nexon, which made Kart Rider, Audition, Maple story, Combat Arms and such.
A very well thought out game, with new skills (or whatever you want to call it) such as composing, Music playing, Transformations, an intriguing story line(s), and AI Friendships.

But, on its downside is it semi-par graphics, odd placement of music (and the music itself) and the newly brought out, Bots (but they dont do much)

Its Community is filled to the brim with Friendly players
(provided your not a fag), but you have your occasional jackass, which we like to call, Runescapers.

Aside from its Runescapers and graphics, it was very well put together, and has made utmost success.
Jimmy: Hey Larry!
Larry: wdf do you want Jimmy
Jimmy: i wanted to save your soul from (insert gay game here)
Larry: Well good luck, because (insert gay game here) is what im staying with it!
Jimmy: What if i told you it was kick ass?
Larry: Well you just did, and i am pretty interested.
Jimmy: Its called Mabinogi, *repeats definition*
Larry: Wow, that does sound kick ass

Jimmy: and if you dont like it, then, well....your a Runescaper. AND NO ONE LIKES RUNESCAPERS!!!
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